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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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The "HQ" in Manga HQ either stands for "headquarters" or "high quality." I'm not sure which it is, but in the end it doesn't really matter. With lots of great-looking content, Manga Headquarters or Manga High-Quality would both be perfectly acceptable names for the website.

You won't find any movies on MangaHQ, but you will find two different kinds of manga, namely English and Japanese. There are 485 English comics and 479 Japanese comics, so obviously there's no shortage of content. Unfortunately, while it looks like new material gets added every day, they actually rotate their material.

Most of the manga is nonexclusive, so there are some discrepancies when it comes to quality. Some comics are a little on the small side, but most of them are made up of large and clear pages. Some are even presented in gorgeous high-res. Most pages are in black and white, but there are plenty in color too.

Every last one of the site's 978 comics can be viewed in a slideshow and downloaded in a Zip file, which is great. And enjoying the comic shouldn't be too hard, as the art is almost always impressive and the action never disappoints. There's plenty of hardcore dick sucking and pussy fucking as well as hot chick-on-chick goodness.

Extras include a number of live-action video streams, Flash animations, additional comics, games and, best of all, a bunch of bonus sites, including Adult Comics World, CG Hotties and Hentai Sex Club. The extra sites are awesome if you love comics and toons. Note that a bunch of comics show up on multiple sites, though, so you'll see some duplicate material here and there.

With tons of great-looking comics and lots of extras, Manga HQ delivers exactly what you'd expect from a good manga-themed website. If you can look past the fact that most of the content is nonexclusive and isn't really being added to, you'll really enjoy what the site has to offer.

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