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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Many people dream of traveling to different worlds and if I had to pick one to visit, being the comic fan that I am, a place called Adult Comics World would be pretty high on my list. Of course, since it's a website and not some distant planet, you don't need some fancy rocket ship to get there, just an Internet connection.

I took a trip to AdultComicsWorld for the purpose of this review and I was quite pleased with what I found once I set foot in the members' area. The first thing that caught my eye was "Naomi The Jungle Whore," a blonde beauty drawn by Al Rio. I'm a fan of his mainstream comic book work, so I was thrilled to see that one of his X-rated comics was prominently featured here.

There are no videos, but you can view "Snow As Blood" and three other comics as static images or as Flash animations, which you can think of as motion comics. Basically, the panels and text fade in and out of view while music plays in the background. There's also some very basic animation added to the comic panels.

There are over 1,755 comics for you to look through and they feature a wide range of styles. In some cases, it's artwork that's similar to what you'd find in North American comic books, but there's also plenty of sequential art that's more in line with what you'd find in European or Japanese material.

Style aside, all the pages look fantastic and most of them are high-res. The sizes do vary from set to set, but it's rare to come across low-res ones and you'll even see a few sets that are filled with massive images that are super high-res.

When it comes to actually looking at the pages that make up the comics, you have the choice of clicking through them manually or viewing them as a slideshow. You can also download the full comics to your computer as Zip files and read them whenever you want.

It looks like the website is updating daily at the moment, so you won't be waiting around for new content. That said, if you ever are, you can turn your attention to the extra animations and comics and also check out some bonus sites, like CG Hotties, Digital Comix and Hentai Sex Club.

Much of the content is nonexclusive and in some cases you get image galleries rather than actual comics, but you shouldn't let these factors deter you from giving Adult Comics World a look. If you're a fan of erotic comics, you'll find plenty to like about this site.

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