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Las Vegas Nevada, city of dreams. It's known for its glitz and glamour, but often you'll find that under the sizzle, there isn't much sausage. Like the city it hails from, Crazy Girls LVhas lots to make you want to sign up. It's beautifully designed and the girls are without doubt some of the sexiest out there, but once you're inside, there isn't much to actually see.

The reason is the live show. You see, Crazy Girls is a Vegas topless revue that's been going strong for the last 20 years. Some of the most beautiful girls and talented dancers perform in it and CrazyGirlsLV is the site where you can get to know the individual starlets a little better.

When I said beautifully designed, I wasn't joking around. The look of the site is as breathtaking and impressive as the show certainly is. You get a preview of the show itself, with a peek at the girls getting ready and shaking their incredible bodies for a live audience. Then you can delve a little deeper with each performer.

Start with featured "crazy girl," they go with a different one every few days or so. On each model page, you get measurements - stacked - some stats and a note about particular things she likes. Valusha's into fashion in a big way, Daria loves strawberry ice-cream and Kimberly loves to party.

Each girl has at least one set of photo, most have more. In all, there are 39 sets of average-res photos, each one a sexy softcore glamour shoot of one of these stage-goddesses. Liz loves to pose in pink and it's not uncommon to see her hair in pigtails and her tight, shiny team jersey pulled up over her huge, smooth tits.

Daria and Denise actually got into a pillow fight in their undies together and some lucky camerastud caught it on film! Aside from the trailer for the movie they've just done, this is the only video on the site. That's right, there's just one short streaming video, if you want more, you'll have to go see these chicks in person.

You might be interested to know that the movie is more than your average adult film. This is a high-production action movie with none other than the Crazy Girls as glamorous lady spies who dance and twirl on stage and take down hardcore terrorists and criminals in their off time.

No bonuses come with membership to this site and though the price is definitely affordable for many, you don’t actually get a lot for your money. There's no doubt the live show is worth seeing, but you have to be crazy to be a long term member of Crazy Girls LV.

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