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Updated on: 03/16/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Since we last visited MaturesUnderBoys...

  • We established on a previous visit that they were just rotating the content and they still do. There's one less video and one more photo set, but what's being added is nothing new and what's missing will probably show up again soon.

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What do you do when you receive a break-up letter from your man at work while a client is in the office with you? And what if the client pulls out his dick after learning about your new single status? Well, if you're anything like the cougars on Matures Under Boys, you make a very half-hearted attempt to appear resistant and then you just go right ahead and love that cock.

Of the videos I checked out on MaturesUnderBoys, the one featuring Felix and Jennifer is the most realistic. The movie begins with Jennifer, who decides to finger herself shortly after putting her hair in curlers. Felix spies on her from behind a couch and, when caught, he insists on offering some penile assistance to soothe our horny MILF. After five minutes of insistence, Felix succeeds in getting Jennifer to suck his cock.

Currently you'll find 27 videos with excellent-looking playback. I can't confirm their bit rates, because you can't download any of them. No one in the scenes speaks any English, but there are English subtitles to help you follow along. The mature babes really perk right up after being fed cock, so it's only natural to want to see more of that coercive coitus.

Luckily you can with the 16 photo sets and they contain large, high-res images to download in Zip files. They have some of the same performers, but seem to have been shot separately from the videos, so they add something new. There are some creative spreads, like the one where a chubby MILF is tidying up a room with a rainbow feather duster while wearing a blindfold, for some strange reason.

When it comes to the update schedule, things get a little tricky. The dates are current and if this were our first visit, I'd say they're adding a new video every two weeks, but that doesn't seem to be the case. We've been here more than once, so it's clear that they just rotate their content at this point. And on this visit there's even one less video, but one more photo set.

You get eight bonus sites, including Matures Fuck Teens, which has a similar concept, except it's all about older lesbians seducing girls, and for something completely different there's My Sissy Boyfriend. There are also some bonus pics and vids. I really like the premise on Matures Under Boys, but they need to add more content and downloadable videos.

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