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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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One would figure that with all the hardships that were characterized by the bread lines and soup kitchens of Soviet Russia that post-Bolshevik pornstars would not waste one ounce of food. Then again, why should they dwell in the past? Veggy Mature Orgies is the logical answer to dealing with the surplus of crops that have been bypassed in favor of more westernized diet choices.

Don't be fooled by the name VeggyMatureOrgies. There's a very healthy amount of meat eating thrown in as well. These older babes love taking a presumably genetically engineered zucchini and planting it into their pussies, but they never forget their need for protein and indulge in the cock quite a bit.

Judging by the frailty of some babes, I guess they haven't all transitioned to capitalism. This is compounded by the fact that some chicks start eating the props they're meant to fuck. No one said life was fair, right? The food-fucking fun takes place in 20 videos that are available either in clips or in full-length format.

Watching a chick with her face planted in a watermelon while getting her pussy screwed with a squash is a very special thing indeed, so it only makes sense to present such a spectacle in great-quality Windows Media files. The streaming movies look pretty damned good, too. Most of the movies feature three or more participants.

Should you choose to use the still images from this site to post a visual reminder of what you need to pick up during your next trip to the grocery store, you're in luck. The 20 photo sets are all high-res, so your fridge door will look quite spiffy when you post a photo of a carrot-filled cooter on it.

Upcoming updates across the network can be accessed at the top of every page, but this site looks to have stopped updating. Thankfully, as a member you get 50+ bonus sites that cover multiple categories. One of the other cougar sites is Extreme Mature Orgies but only a couple, if any, of the mature-themed sites are still adding new content.

If you get home from work feeling both hungry and horny, Veggy Mature Orgies takes some of the guesswork out of what you should be up to once you kick the shoes off. However, with so little content, you should only bother considering this site if you can rely on the unrelated bonus content.

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