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Suzie Finscoth 

By: Suzie Finscoth
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The initials in OTK Spank designate a particular kind of butt-smacking: over the knee. You will see this position assumed in every scene, but the models don't always limit themselves to it. Nor do they limit themselves to their hands. Straps, shoes, paddles and other such instruments are used to make these British rears blush.

There are 47 videos of corporal punishment to take in on OTKSpank. You'll see both dudes and ladies dishing out the ass-smacking. Sometimes the punished lovelies get completely naked and other times they have to hike up their skirt or drop their trousers in order to learn their lesson.

What have they done to deserve these lessons? Some gals come home late in the day after a night of drinking and partying. One chick gets into trouble for kissing someone else's man. And the maid gets into trouble for eating a banana on the job when she should have been making coffee for the guests. Tsk, tsk.

The asses can be seen plumping up and turning red in good-quality Windows Media files. Some movies are posted in clips and a few also have full-length downloads. The audio is sharp and nicely accentuates the moment of contact. Be sure to check out Miss Smith, whose hand can create quite the stinging sound when it meets a misbehaving rump.

In addition to the 25 photo galleries that are full of high-res images, there are also vid caps that you can use to check out some of your favorite moments. The photos are often too big to fit on your screen all at once, but you can choose to view them in a smaller size. However, the large images let you can take in all of the raw, red mounds of flesh in one epic landscape view.

There is a model index, but it only lists the gals' scenes and picture sets. There is no info about what these beautiful rumps are up to when they aren't being turned into blushing behinds. The index also lists the disciplinarians, so if you like a particular spanker's style, it's easy to locate more of their work.

OTK Spank is growing nicely, but its collection could still stand to be larger. There aren't any bonuses either, aside from a forum, but the collection updates every three to four days with a new over-the-knee session of discipline. Fans of disciplined British asses might enjoy checking this one out for a little bit.

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