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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Damon Danilois a hunky fellow with a muscular build and chiseled jawline. He just oozes masculinity from every pore and that's what I find most appealing about him. He has dark hair and steel-blue eyes, a combination that I always find really attractive.

Speaking of steel, you should see the thighs on this guy, not to mention his incredible abs, firm pecs and bulging biceps. I like that even though he's muscular he hasn't crossed that line where his body looks over-developed.

Some really beefy bodybuilders overdo it and end up with chests that look like women's breasts. Some dudes also concentrate too much on arms and shoulders, so they end up top-heavy with chicken legs. DamonDanilo apparently knows what he's doing. His waist is 31", his arms measure 18", his chest 46" and his thighs 21". You can see his sheer physical perfection for yourself in 28 videos. They're available as average to good-quality Windows Media files and six of these are archived cam shows.

Most vids show Damon alone, but a handful also show him with a lady. A masked gal blows his thick, juicy rod. It's quite a feat, because he's rather hung and his rigid pole would fill most anyone's pie-hole to the brim. He shoots on the babe's tongue and she swallows his cum down.

In another instance, you only see her hands as they caress his feet while he jerks off his big cock. You will also see him using a Fleshlight, but all his scenes seem to involve full-frontal nudity and masturbation, even if they start with him working out, playing basketball, swimming or doing yard work.

There are 19 photo sets and some have high-res images. They are displayed in an embedded frame, so to see them in their full-sized glory you may need to download them in Zip files first. The photo layouts are separate from the video footage and some are taken by rather well-known photographers. They have some artistic merit, but because they always show Damon's big erection, you may be driven wild to the point of distraction.

There's an archive section and calendar in Damon's blog and it looks like nothing (or very little) has been added since February 2010. His blog has also been neglected for the last several months, but it does reveal facts about his personal life. Damon Danilo is a beautiful and manly man with an erotic XXX collection, but with no recent updates, it might not be worth staying for longer than one month.

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