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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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I'll never forget Tanya. She was this chick in one of my classes who kinda had a hard time. One day this total honky named Lee convinced her to suck his dick in an alley and then he blew his wad all over her hair. Of course, the next day everyone in town knew about it. Tanya was forced to move to the big city after that. The chicks on Sorority Sluts, however, are quite unrepentant about their loose behavior and celebrate it to the max.

Although the content on SororitySluts is nonexclusive, it means you get a variety of fresh petunias getting splattered with that stuff... What did they call it back in the day? Oh yeah - sperm. The action here is so much fun I almost felt like going back to college.

Oh wait, I am back in college, but none of my classmates have taken on three dicks at a time. Well, not yet anyway. One thing you might be interested in hearing is that should you love this site, you can become a lifetime member, though you'll want to keep reading before that happens.

You get 373 scenes at this point and while that's a good number, there actually used to be more movies than that available. Another problem with the vids is that they can't be downloaded. Until further notice, it's streaming only, folks. At least I can tell you that you can watch the horny little nymphos get fucked right hard in an embedded Flash player. A lot of the movies offer great-quality playback, but the ones that are labeled as "HD" are even more impressive than that.

All scenes run for a decent amount of time and you can bet no quarter is spared as far as action goes. Hopefully, you all weren't too heartbroken over the news about the absence of downloads, because here comes more crappy news: there are no photos. There aren't even any vid caps.

The website looks like it's updating several times a day, but given that there's less content to be had now than there once was, it's likely just rotating its material. That's too bad, but on the bright side, there are a bunch of bonus sites to explore, so there's no shortage of porn at your disposal. Ass Meat, Lesbian Ass and Tit World are some of the extra sites at your disposal.

Sorority Sluts definitely has some isues, but the website does have its merits as well. If all you care about it is being able to see lots of sexy teens giving blowjobs and having sex, the site is worth visiting. Those of you wanting exclusive material that you can download might be better off going elsewhere.


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