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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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Personally, I never did get into Sapphic sex. Not that the idea of two women together isn't hot, but I am projective in nature. If there isn't a cock in the mix, I can't relate and when I masturbate my fingers are always on the exterior of my body. Thankfully, Lesbian Ass meets me halfway. There is a great amount of dildo use here and we all know how sweet it is to watch a babe go nuts on another beauty with some sexy equipment.

The site is not all about LesbianAss however. It's also about lesbian tongues, fingers, cooches, lips, hips and saliva. Until I can convince my woman to strap on a prosthetic pussy pounder and go knocking on the door of the cute blonde downstairs, I will have the content here as a point of fantasy. Come to think of it a membership to this site costs a whole lot less than the amount of alcohol I would need to inebriate my GF into a rug-munching foray. I mean, she can really pack the whisky away like a sailor.

Currently, you get about 107 nonexclusive videos. You could download these flicks at one point, but these days the only way to enjoy them is by streaming them online. You can watch most of them in an embedded Flash player, but you might come across ones that play in a Silverlight player instead. You'll encounter lots of great-quality vids as you make your way through the collection, but know that there are films that are both more and less impressive than that to be had.

There are no photos on the site.  In fact, there aren't even any vid caps. Another unfortunate thing about the website is that it's much smaller now than it used to be. It looks like it's updating daily, but it appears as though what it's actually doing is rotating its content. There is some additional good news to report, however. As a member, you get access to a bunch of bonus sites, including Sorority Sluts, and Tit World.

Although Lesbian Ass is certainly not the most recommendable site I've ever come across, it does have some things going for it. Still, the website isn't as good as it once was and you can't download its videos, so you probably shouldn't bother with it unless you're fine with simply watching nonexclusive smut online.


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