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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Superior Pass is your gateway into a bunch of hardcore sites that can be accessed for less than what most single websites cost. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't. That said, once you get past the tour page and decide to sign up, what you're really signing up for is Adult Blast, so if you are already a member there you won't need to bother with this site. If you aren't, though, you'll definitely want to see what this one has in store.

What it all means is that you're getting access to a mega-site made up of nine sites, including the likes of My First Butt Sex, Squirt Coach and Banged In Public, among others. They give you a good variety of porn that focuses on - as you can probably tell from their names - everything from anal sex to female ejaculation to outdoor/public sex. There are also some pretty fun reality premises.

On the site Date Site Liars, you will find a guy named Dave who spends his time telling lies online in order to hook up with chicks he meets on dating sites. On Tittylicious, busty babes show off their tits before having some fun with both guys and other girls. Sex For Breakfast follows sexy women in need of a place to stay in Berlin, all of whom pay their rent with their bodies. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The design is easy on the eyes and the site is simple to navigate for the most part. There is one little issue, though. If you want to access the porn from all the sites, you need to go to the "reality" section. The "movies" section is where your bonuses are, which come in the form of DVDs. You'll also find is a spy-cams section where you can watch live feeds from tanning beds.

As for the main content, you get 929 movies. Unfortunately, you don't have the option to download any of them. The good news is that every vid comes in a full-length file. Also, all the streams look great. Each scene is represented by a preview thumbnail and listed in order of most recent. You can also see the name of the model, its current user rating and the name of the site the scene originally appeared on.

You also get 929 photo sets. They each contain a pretty decent amount of photos, so you'll be glad to know that, unlike the vids, they can be saved in Zip folders, which you'll probably want to take advantage of on account of how every image is high-res and spectacular.

Unfortunately, not all the websites have fantastic update schedules, but enough are updating at a good enough pace that you can expect to find new material across the network almost every day. Sure, there's room for improvement here, but with great-looking content and a reasonable price, I have no problem saying this site one worth joining. And if you're already a member of Adult Blast, well, then you knew that already.

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