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Suzie Finscoth 

By: Suzie Finscoth
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Many people have had a Spanking Experience at some point in their lives. A smack on the bum serves as a quick and stinging reminder that you shouldn't misbehave. The chicks in these scenes receive a large dose of corporal punishment that they won't soon forget. Sandals, canes, open hands and other implements are used to give their tushies what for. And it happens while the hotties are completely naked.

There are about 163 movies composing the SpankingExperience. The chicks starring in the punishing flicks all have that amateur look. Some are very thin and others are chubby. Most of the gals have perky boobs, some have piercings and I saw a couple of tattoos.

The honeys are usually completely naked when the spanking happens. They are bent over a dude's knee, leaning against something or are told to stick their rumps up in the air while standing on their hands and feet. They also have to count the number of smacks as they happen.

The flicks have setups that let you know why the gal is being punished. The conversation happens in a foreign language, but there are subtitles and each scene comes with a write-up, too. Some of the chicks look pretty nervous about their upcoming rear smacking, but others are more relaxed.

Most videos are offered in an AVI file and some also have Windows Media and/or MP4 files depending on the scene in question. Whenever a file format isn't available, it's listed as coming soon, but it doesn't look like they ever go back and them as promised. Right now, you can expect high-def footage of these punished rears from the WMVs, while the older scenes are good in quality.

The AVIs are listed as being DivX-encoded, but that's not actually true. You'll also find files labeled for QuickTime/iPhone. Most movies are broken up into two parts and are also re-uploaded in the form of footage taken from different camera angles. There are image sets with each shot, but these are actually just vid caps.

There are no bonuses, but the monthly fee for Spanking Experience is inexpensive. The collection is often updating on a weekly basis, sometimes a bit faster than that. However, these are just the partial scenes, so it's more like two to three actual movies each month. Still, spanking enthusiasts should definitely consider checking this site out.

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