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Updated on: 12/25/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1380
Average Score: 65

Since we last visited DareDorm...

  • There are actually three fewer scenes at the moment. They're possibly rotating content.
  • Also take note that it might look like there's more content than there actually is, because every page of videos also includes one live cam ad among the thumbnails.

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Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner

When I was in university I lived in an apartment. Yes, I did have some fun times there, but the one thing that watching all this porn has made me regret is that I didn't live in a dorm. Dare Dorm is yet another amateur college site exposing the horny underbelly of what college students are all about: partying and fucking.

The DareDorm premise is that real college students organize and film a horny couple, a wicked threesome, or some crazy-assed group sex. Then they submit the film to the site, which awards $1,000 to the best one, but I'm not sure that these are all real submissions. The participants are really good-looking, but they also come across as very amateur and true to the college coeds they're supposed to be.

Also, while much of the content doesn't feel staged, there were a few moments in some of the movies that felt kind of forced, like mentioning the sitename at the end or being sure to mention the RAs and how the students might get into trouble. Also, I recognized one of the dudes from another porn movie.

So far there are 135 videos with vid caps and they have already handed out a $10,000 prize to some sex-crazed students in Texas (or so they say). The movies are around 50 minutes long, which is great. Unfortunately, these are streaming-only flicks, which is a real letdown. On the bright side the newer ones are good in quality (the older ones aren't as high). They have "HD" as a playback option, but they're not that impressive.

And though it looks as if a new scene gets posted every two weeks, there are actually fewer movies on this visit, so I suspect they're rotating content at this point. Our surfers haven't been thrilled with the update schedule, amateur camerawork or the amount of content, but with the exception of a couple of naysayers, everyone else is pretty much unanimous about how hot and entertaining the sex is.

In the end I pretty much only have good things to say about the movies. However, with no bonus sites (you get bonus movies from Muffia and Happy Tugs, though), possibly rotating content and no download option, Dare Dorm still has room to improve.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: john888

    Score: 1% Date: 03/31/2016

    $5 trial turns out to only be for 1 video. Fuck you.

  • Comment by: sjp

    Score: 50% Date: 11/19/2015

    I just cancelled my membership. Daredorm had been a great site for years, with what appeared to be very authentic amateurs, and lots of young, beautiful girls. Some of the videos are the best in porn are on Daredorm. Unfortunately, for some time now, they've been editing out little bits of videos, making them shorter, and now they've removed the HD, so you can only get low quality. They've never allowed downloads, which is unfortunate. I'd consider rejoining if they put back the full content and the HD, and would certainly rejoin if they allowed downloads.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 25% Date: 09/07/2015

    I was just basically duped into joining, but there is no downloads! I'm upset and will be trying to get my $17.95 30-day trial back. Too bad because the girls look pretty.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:09/08/2015): Sorry to hear about your experience with the site. For future reference, we note if a site allows downloads in both the written portion and RabbitScore (Video Downloads score).

  • Comment by: iamedx

    Score: 75% Date: 02/13/2015

    I'd join this site if they allowed downloads. It's too bad because the content looks hot.

  • Comment by: deviljonson

    Score: 1% Date: 12/28/2014

    I was basically just scammed out of $40.00 after only agreeing to the $1.00 trial. I'm very upset and will not be using any of their websites again!

  • Comment by: skyping

    Score: 50% Date: 02/10/2014

    Dare dorm folks, if you are reading this: I was a member a year or so ago, and would join again if only you would allow download, streaming only doesn't work well away from home.

  • Comment by: BoggyD

    Score: 70% Date: 02/05/2014

    With a 1-month membership I've pretty much gone through the most of the content on the site. If you are like me & so tired of the sculpted body/implant/botox/choking/anal stuff coming from the industry these days, some young, cute college girls are worth paying for. This site could be a cousin of HazeHer in terms of what kind of girls to expect. I found some to be really hot, and others just so-so. My biggest complaint & major factor in the rating is videos are stream only, which I didn't realize until after joining. Pic sets can be downloaded however, with quality ranging from good to poor.

    Pros: new faces, pretty girls, enthusiasm
    Cons: navigation, no DL for videos, no DL for videos, no DL for videos

  • Comment by: Killface

    Score: 40% Date: 09/10/2013

    I love girls' nights. "Us girls" is one of the best porn I've ever seen. Somoe of the old hardcore parties were great too. But recently, every episode is boring, "hot" like old German porn and predictable like House M.D. episode. Dorm - more people - more people - one of the party games - two girls (obviosly experienced in porn) are starting to strip and then we see a threeesome or foursome or two couples. The end. And hottest girls usually don't fuck.

  • Comment by: Dorm Doc

    Score: 60% Date: 04/06/2013

    My favorite episode is Celebration, does anyone know who the drunk brunette is with the dark top, cutoff jeans and flip flops? Has she done anything else?

  • Comment by: Tommy

    Score: 4% Date: 01/29/2013

    not real at all, streaming only = dont join, videos only work 5% of the time and waste of time and money

  • Comment by: IncompetenceSleuth

    Score: 10% Date: 11/08/2012

    Pros: Real or not, there is none of the stupid, formulaic scenes you find in many "pro" porn. Cute girls.

    Cons: (1) I'm really glad their payment site is completely incompetent and/or underpowered because I almost fell for the trial "scam." It was almost impossible to get their billing servers. When I did finally, and typed my credit card number, it got an error. At that point I gave up. (2) Bad lighting, which fooled me into thinking this was real.

    Indifferent: I did notice that some of the guys had extra long wood, which you wouldn't expect from "average joes." More shaving than you'd think.

  • Comment by: poop

    Score: 12% Date: 03/01/2012

    hey i did the trial thing and it was a big scam, and then it automatically turned into a full membership. i cancelled immediately and then it said that i would be rebilled again in a month? why do they have to rebill after i just cancelled? will they keep rebilling me after next month? help please!!!!!!!!
    Reply from RabbitsReviews: You should have left your email so we could contact you. Reach out to us by one of the methods above (email, phone, Skype, ICQ) and we'll see what we can do to rectify the situation.

  • Comment by: needablowjob

    Score: 10% Date: 02/22/2012

    The owners should be embarrassed by all the hype they give this loser site. There's pathetically little content, and what's there isn't gonna do anything to fix a limp dick. Spend your money where you can get a bang for your buck.

  • Comment by: Rdaddy

    Score: 80% Date: 11/27/2011

    Wow. Never seen that many ugly chicks in one place. For God's sake. That may help trying to prove it's real amateur porn, but it makes it nor worth your money. We can fuck ugly fat chicks ourselves and not some wannabe porn star asswipe. Also, the dudes in there don't get a boner as fast as the situation asks for. If there's a girl sucking your dick and it's still flaccid, you're either gay or a porn star. But who knows. It might still be real. Really though, better chicks. Much better-looking.

  • Comment by: whatever

    Score: 75% Date: 11/10/2011

    A few months ago I asked if there was any way around the downloading problem. No one answered and finally I signed in to check it out for myself. Here's what I found:
    Content is great, love it. Feels very real, chicks are hot and fun. Content is 100/100.
    Quantity is not great but decent.
    The downloading problem though sucks as everyone already stated and I can confirm that DownloadHelper doesn't work. I'll keep trying and will report back if I find a way, but so far there is no way around it, you can only stream. Their video player is not horrible, but my VLC is so much better, that's a bummer.

  • Comment by: Action

    Score: N/A Date: 10/29/2011

    Absolute crap. DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY THE TRAIL PERIOD FOR $4.95. It does not give you full access to the site and does not appear to say this when you purchase it as well. Most sites with trial periods let you preview the site in full. Good scam. Just lost 5 bucks.

  • Comment by: sizzlemc

    Score: 50% Date: 09/26/2011

    50/100 not because of the content, which I considered to be some of the best of amateur porn, but because who ever is in charge of the website is a moron (no download or buffering wtf?). No matter how good the content, if the subscription sucks then the site sucks. Now, as for the content, the girls are hot college-age chicks and are pretty crazy awesome. The set up is much better than clone sites (e.g. College Rules) and pretty much everyone who appears in the video gets down and dirty. The hottest chicks won't just flash their tits and then go back to standing in a yelling crowd of idiots while some ugly porno skanks get fucked with total lack of enthusiasm (yes I'm taking about you College Rules). No, in Dare Dorm the sex is very convincingly amateur. Everyone involved is clearly enjoying themselves and you even sometimes have a guy on cam who can't manage to get it up lol. The camera work is really amateur but that's to be expected, since it is either truly amateur or a professional production done in that style. If they'd fix their site and put out videos more often I'd gladly join.

  • Comment by: Matt

    Score: 80% Date: 08/27/2011

    I can confirm one of the videos is real on that site. As I know one of the girls involved in real life. She used the money towards college.

  • Comment by: ss

    Score: 5% Date: 06/27/2011

    Trial membership is a complete scam!!! No where does it state (other than buried in the site terms: if you can even find those) that you will only get restricted access to the videos (less than 15 minutes)!! Don't go near these ripoffs!

  • Comment by: Zabre

    Score: 65% Date: 06/05/2011

    The fact that it is stream only is a bit drawback. Impossible to get full screen.

  • Comment by: Tidmode

    Score: 90% Date: 06/01/2011

    To those who think these chicks are porn starlets, please name some names.
    This looks as real as it gets to me. The chicks are normal girls...not porn stars w fake boobs. Most of them are quite attractive. Camera work is amateur for sure. Of course it looks set up. It is. The kids have to sign model releases. They know what the plan is.

    Yes there is kissing. They show signs of feeling awkward. Nerdy Guy doesn't get the attention Mr. Jock does. They don't focus on cum shots. Sometimes you can tell that a guy came because he was hard a minute ago and now he's not. There are very few scene breaks/cuts.

    Even if they were experienced actors, they are definitely improvising in the vids. They horse around and laugh over enthusiastically.

    I really like the vids and think they are interesting. Not really fap material, but very interesting and human.

  • Comment by: geeeeeup

    Score: 65% Date: 05/08/2011

    Pro: Lots of hot drunken chicks sucking and fucking.
    Con: No downloads is the biggest problem.

  • Comment by: DD

    Score: 85% Date: 04/10/2011

    Yes of course its "soft scripted" porn reality, just like college fuckfest, the prowl, etc. Sex in college like this can and sometimes does happen, but its mostly a 3some while all are wasted and behind closed doors

  • Comment by: all true

    Score: 5% Date: 03/25/2011

    Wanted to like it, but as others say, no downloads? No paid membership ever again.

    And boy there are a lot of ugly chicks... while the hotties just disappear once the sex starts.

  • Comment by: Jerkin Gerkin

    Score: 2% Date: 03/20/2011

    Checked out the previews. Looked pretty good, but glad I read the reviews first. Save me money cuz I didn't sign don't get any money from me.

    Honestly don't know why anyone would pay a cent for porn online anymore since you can get tons for free on all the porn tubes. No money for porn for me...YEAHHHHH!!!!!

  • Comment by: Linga

    Score: 5% Date: 02/23/2011

    To all you folks curious enough to check this site out. DO NOT BOTHER AND WASTE YOUR MONEY. After reading all the bad comments here I was wondering can it be really that bad? But I was really pissed off after finally trying it. I can forgive all the other issues folks have but not the most glaring issue I found. They have no buffering in their streaming player! If you want to go back a couple of minutes, it starts again even though it frickkin just downloaded that data. You know how Youtube works and buffers everything so you can just pause it and wait for it to buffer the entire thing and then play? NOT POSSIBLE HERE. How brain dead is that? Royally pissed off.

  • Comment by: Dan

    Score: 10% Date: 02/19/2011

    I can confirm that the Dare Dorm video in Las Vegas was taken in the UNLV Tonopah dorms at least three years ago(I recognize a couple of the students that talk; oddly enough, I've never seen the girl that is actually doing something). Other than that, most of the other videos seem to be filler for when the site actually has no new content, or cannot put videos up due to legality reasons. Poor site, with very low 'reality' factor(except for the few UNLV students on here apparently!)

  • Comment by: whatever

    Score: 50% Date: 02/12/2011

    Haven't gotten a membership yet and won't unless someone can answer this question. Has anyone tried using "Download Helper" or a similar add on for Firefox? It downloads streaming videos from most websites, but not all of them.

  • Comment by: Corso

    Score: 1% Date: 01/13/2011

    Well it WOULD be awesome....if you could download the videos!

    First site I have ever seen that won't let you download.

    In my opinion, that is totally unacceptable.

    I hope all will boycott it until they do the right thing and let you keep the porn you paid for.

    On that day, I will be thrilled to join them again.

    But until then, there is plenty of other sites out there. I'll reward the sites that treat their customers right.

  • Comment by: Mike

    Score: 10% Date: 01/11/2011

    Pro - some good scenes for sure. But very uneven. Several scenes with limp noodles, and where the hottest girls are the ones who don't get naked. And lots of bad camera work that make it hard to watch the action.

    Big con - no downloads. Also, their front page advertises weekly updates, but updates are REALLY once every two weeks, so that's HALF of what they promise.

    Until updates are more frequent, price drops, and you can download movies, AVOID.