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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
Number of Reviews: 120
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By now, some of you TV-holics out there might feel saturated with the whole "Idol" genre of shows that litter our tubes with talentless rubes who think they can actually make a better life for themselves covering Britney Spears' songs. AV Idolz is nowhere close to this model of so-called entertainment, but it does have a thing or two to do with tenacity and putting on an impressive performance.

The "AV" in AVIdolz stands for "adult video" and these Japanese dynamos are stars in their homeland for a reason. Whether the action revolves around one-on-one hardcore, gangbangs or mondo masturbation, you can bet you'll be getting some very intense action from these babes.

I watched one video where six guys started in on a chick by rubbing vibrators on all her sensitive spots at once. Then they fucked her until she squirted. She loved it, if her squeals of satisfaction are anything to go by. A nice thing about this site is that a good chunk of the scenes have English subtitles.

This site has assembled a fine line-up of DVDs for your viewing pleasure and they have the exclusive right to distribute almost all of them in North America and Europe. In total, you get 1,797 scenes. You can browse through all the DVDs or go to the "movies" section and see them already laid out for you on multiple pages. There's also an advanced search and you can save your favorites.

You have the option of streaming the flicks through an embedded Flash player and downloading them as MP4 files. Most are good in quality, although some come in Full HD. There are also 282 sets of photos and at least some of them boast high-res images while all of them can be downloaded in Zip files.

Nothing is dated, but the site has grown enormously since the last visit. Maybe, they've reposted some content that was temporarily removed, but for now I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt. As for extras, there are a lot more videos and four bonus sites, like Brutal Asia and My Cute Asian.

As far as Asian-centric movie sites go, this is shaping up to be a good collection. AV Idolz features some truly demure and sexy Japanese babes who do some serious fucking that will have you cumming in no time. You should definitely consider this site if you want prime hardcore action from the Land of the Rising Sun.  


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  • Comment by: Carl

    Score: 20% Date: 11/01/2014

    I wouldn't exactly recommend this website. The models are great and all but the video quality for all of them are terrible.I downloaded the videos to see the quality but it turns out that the "high" quality are actually only 480p. I used the search function to see the HD videos but there is only one single video that shows up. For $30 dollars a month I expected at least some 720p videos. They just show up way to small on the screen and if you resize it everything become too pixilated. Another thing is that the videos aren't exclusive they all come from dvd's. I just wish I could get a refund but I highly doubt something like that would ever happen.

  • Comment by: Lee

    Score: 65% Date: 05/26/2014

    AV Idolz has always been a good site for Japanese porn. I take a 1 month subscription and come back several months later to "top off" my porn collection with the newest videos/pix. The videos are generally well filmed and the action hot and sexy. The Japanese are experts at creampies, double creampies and mouth cum shots, so there's lots see here. There's also some weirdness as the Japanese love to use vibrators and assorted hardware, but one can easily ignore this stuff. PROS: good content, high quality videos and a functional site with reliable DL times ( you can DL multiple videos ). CONS: updates are a bit slow but the overall good content balances this out. I was always a very satisfied customer until some "genius" decides to start adding English subtitles to the newest videos. The subtitles always pop up at the wrong moment and consist of very poorly written English which detracts more than it adds. Lets face it, Porn is about the action. Dialog is extra and it can add to a scene if you speak the language. Japanese porn is always has gals moaning and squealing start to finish -- you can at least mute the volume, but you can't the hide ridiculous subtitles that AV Idolz now adds to the videos. Hence I give a site that I would have rated a solid 90 a 65 because those subtitles are so damned annoying and they ruin some nice videos

  • Comment by: bronze

    Score: N/A Date: 12/15/2013

    please indicate a limited Trial please
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/16/2013): Hi, bronze. We're going to confirm the status of the trials and update the reviews, if necessary.
    Update:We spoke with AV Idolz and learned they introduced a limited trial as a month-long test that will no longer be available as of January. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.