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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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If there is one thing my friends can't stand doing with me, it's visiting ice cream shops or cafes that offer gourmet cakes. Why? Because I have such a wide assortment of tastes and peculiarities that I never know where to start. Good thing I don't invite my friends over to watch porn or they would suffer the same frustration whenever I'd check into a site like Red Hot TV. They'd also likely be put off by other aspects.

There are presently 67 categories on RedHotTV, with about four of them containing no content so far. Too bad, because one of those empty categories happens to be spanking/caning. But no worries my friends, you still get  to see interracial, gonzo, gangbangs, hairy pussies, cumshots, fat chicks and... I think you get the gist of it. Oh yeah, you also get horror, comedy and romance.

The way the site works is this. You can watch the movies in a live stream by clicking into the IPTV guide. The breakdown of this page reads just like any conventional TV guide you get at the supermarket, but instead of looking for the next episode of ER, you can see if some chick is getting a double-anal drill job. With about 10,000 movies on hand, this site is good for about 40,000 scenes

The other way to watch the flicks is to head over to the VOD page. You'll find all the titles you spotted in the IPTV guide here and if you don't, simply type in the movie's name in the search box. The bummer is that you can't download this stuff. The player the movies are presented in offers average-looking footage at best, but at least you can view the action in full-screen mode.

You won't be getting any pictures, though that's not what you're here for. You also don't get any bonus sites. Let's face it, you're getting daily updates and have your work cut out for you catching up on what's already here.

Though Red Hot TV doesn't offer downloads, I think many fans of porn with variety will be pleased with the menu here. The price of membership isn't bad at all, so take a look at this one.

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