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Bryce Freder 

By: Bryce Freder
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With another entry into the non-nude category, I Heart Eden has some stiff (pun intended, to be certain) competition to deal with. She's a very cute babe, there's no doubt about that, but her site, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired at this point.

Don't get me wrong, it's not as though Eden isn't a terrifically cute babe, because she definitely is. It's just that with the limited amount of content that she has on her site and the fact that she isn't adding any more material these days, saying that IHeartEden isn't as easy a thing to do as I might like for it to be.

As far as non-nude teases go, Eden does it well. She even enlists the help of a couple of her friends to heat things up. Busty Southern Brooke makes an appearance in a couple of sets and they look quite good together. You'll get to see Eden with her top off, but she always manages to cleverly hide her tiny nipples, usually with a finger or two. And while her panties come down, you'll be just missing her pussy as she turns this way or that.

She also appears to enjoy spreading her legs and does so in a few sets. You'll swear you can see the tiniest bit of moisture forming on her panties as she warms up to the camera. My favorite featured her playing around on an exercise ball in a black silk g-string that just barely covers what appears to be a nicely shaved pussy. But we'll never know for sure.

There's a lot to like about this brunette babe, but with only eight mediocre-quality videos that last somewhere around three-minutes each, you won't be able to enjoy her for very long. Moreover, her videos are just filmed versions of her photo sets, so don’t expect any real interaction with her.

There is a little more variety in the photo section, with 49 photo sets added. They can be viewed as slideshows that are quite handy and you'll see good-looking, high-res shots. Unfortunately, you can't download the pics in Zip files.

With the small amount of content, it's a relief to find some bonuses. There are 12 full-access sites that include Kori Kitten, First Time Filmed and Lizzie HD. There's a mix of softcore and hardcore throughout the sites. You can also check out cam shows featuring babes other than Eden, additional photo galleries, a forum and desktop wallpaper.

It hurts to say this, but I Heart Eden probably won't make your heart sing with joy due to the low quality of the videos and the fact that there are so few of them available to you. There are better individual model sites out there, so go out and find them.

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