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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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Wow. What a coincidence. I get assigned the task of reviewing Soft Puffy Nipples and it just so happens that the chick I'm presently seeing has just that - nipples that stick out petulantly and are oh-so-inviting to the touch. So, I guess you can say that you're getting an expert opinion of sorts. Of course, I would not be so unprofessional as to let my personal bias get in the way of things*.

SoftPuffyNipples are special because they are the minority in the wide world of boobs. Why this is, I don't know, but I guess you could kind of consider them the redheads of the breast-tips. Obviously, someone out there happened to notice that some titty lovers are particular about the shape and/or size of the milk spout and gave them a very precise site in which to indulge in their love.

Puffy nipples feel great on the tongue and the palm of one's hand, just staring at them through a screen can be dazzling. Plus, the chicks who appear in the five videos also masturbate and bring themselves to moaning ecstasy. Hopefully, we'll get more movies soon, because this is far too small an amount, but a least members are getting stellar-quality videos.

For the time being, the main source of pleasure comes from the 29 photo sets. The chicks tend to kick things off with their clothes on and slowly peel away the layers throughout the high-res pics that are contained in the sets. You'll also get some pussy flashes.

Members get some variety in the five bonus sites they get full access to. Smuggled Indian Sex Stories and FF Strapon should give you an idea of what it is you're in for.

You get some prime nubile beauties at Soft Puffy Nipples, but in order to be considered a contender, this site really requires more babes in its stable. The membership is expensive, but if money's no issue and you gotta have those puffers - dig in!

*That's a total crock of BS.

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