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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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When I was initially told that I had been assigned to review a site by the name of Smuggled Indian Sex Stories, my nefarious imagination ran wild. I had visions of dirty pirate sex and tales of illegal immigrants using their powers of persuasion to dodge deportation. Turns out I wasn't really that far off. A lot of the tales found on this site deal with curious virgins taking on cocks for the first time with characters who can be somewhat shady.

Need a clearer idea of what you'll be reading on SmuggledIndianSexStories? Here is a brief excerpt from a story in which a drunken British soldier occupying a remote town in the Indian jungle, forces himself on a local gal, only to have her melt in his grip and submit to her passion:

"Positioning himself behind her, Vandanna felt his cock press against her virginal pussy and sighed, taking a deep breath she pushed back against him with all her weight, driving him deep into her snatch and ripping her hymen in one mighty thrust."

Can I get "fuck yeah?" I also liked the tale about the virgin bride who gets her gina slammed by her one true love before giving it up for all eternity to a shipping magnate her heartless old man set her up with.

The point I have to make clear here is that the name of the site is precisely what you'll find and only what you'll find - 27 short stories. If you were hoping for visuals, sorry, but there are no movies or pictures. This is the kind of sex you'll have to conjure your own images of while reading some racy, fast-paced fuck scenes.

If you enjoy reading these tales, which come either in one full read, or several chapters, but crave the live sex action, you might be happy to know that you get full access to five bonus sites, which include FF Strapon and Soft Puffy Nipples.

Smuggled Indian Sex Stories is one of those sites that literally looks good on paper. For the time being, the minimal amount of content does not justify the expensive membership fee. Fans of sexual prose don't need to pay this much for their reading and should definitely look out for more affordable options.

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