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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Her name is Suzy and she is from the Orient. Ya, I know all that can be gotten right from the URL. So, the question is, what else does Oriental Suzy bring to the table? Let's take a look, shall we.

Any information you want to know about OrientalSuzy can be found on the tour. You will find out that she is 29 years old, she is Thai, she stands 5'3", she is a size eight and besides doing lots of video and photo porn shoots, she also does escorting (you can even find her rates and booking conditions on the tour). 

The problem is, however, that while she might be good at providing a pleasurable escorting experience for anyone who partakes in her services, those just looking for a good porn site won’t find it here.

At this point there are 63 photo sets and 21 videos. The content is a bit of a mixed bag. The photo sets provide both solo posing sets, suck and fuck and gangbang scenes, while the vids are all hardcore. Suzy doesn't discriminate and she will get it on with dudes of various ages, colors and body types.

The real problem for me was that the movies weren't complete. Each one was split up into a couple of clips, but these clips only provided about 10 minutes of what was generally a much longer scene. (I know this because there is often a note at the top of the page telling me that the full scene is available for purchase).

The photos range from average to high-res depending on the set (the size of the sets also vary quite a bit - while some some had under 50, others are in the hundreds) and the videos look good overall, although I was not able to find a bit rate.

While the dudes are all pretty amateur, so is the filmmaking. However, I did find that the lighting was pretty good overall and the camerawork was good enough to see what needed to be seen.

The problem is that the site seems more like an advertising tool for Suzy's escorting business and DVD sales than a solid site on its own. The good news is that the price is nice and low, but with no bonuses it does need to keep growing (updates are weekly for the pics and vary from one to six weeks for the videos).

If you are in the U.K. and have a big crush on Suzy it might be worth your while to pay more to have her live and to yourself for an hour than to pay a little and have access to her site for a month.

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