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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Alex Dark is a fresh-faced hunk with dark curly hair and bright blue eyes. He has a long, lean body at 6'2" that seems naturally toned. Before you sign up, his promo info states that he's a 22-year-old bicurious guy and he promises to take you along for the ride as he explores a new side to his sexuality.

He also claims his penis is nine inches long, but that seems to be an exaggeration. Then again, most of the time you don't see AlexDark with a full-on erection. Maybe he's a bit shy about his burgeoning bisexuality. However, that's not the only thing that comes up short, because there are only six videos and that number hasn't changed in ages .

The setup makes it seem as if there are more vids than there are. Any video showing up on the first page you see after signing in reappears at the end of the update pages. On top of their small number, the vids only give you playback that's below average and averaging only six minutes each, they barely count as full-length scenes.

You'll see Alex jerk off in several scenes, including one where he gets some help from a Fleshlight. You can also watch him taking a shower and let me tell you, I'd love to use my beard to loofah his naughty bits. Three shoots show him with hot nude dudes. One guy sucks him off in the kitchen as he sits on the countertop leaning against the cabinets. He seems to enjoy it, but it does look as though he hasn't been with many men before.

You'll also see him being anally penetrated for the first time in a video shot with a night vision camera. He says that it would be a long story to explain why, but again, I think he's a bit shy about doing it with the lights on. The remaining vid shows mutual masturbation sessions.

There are 15 photo sets and most show Alex posing and jerking off alone. I love seeing his light tan line as he strikes various poses naked on the beach with surf swirling around his ankles. He also covers himself in multi-colored body paint for another spread. He does a cutesy layout with some giant lollipops and even puts one up his butt.

You get five full-access bonus sites, including Josh Tucker, Boy Alley and Ass Lick Boys. Alex hasn't added any content in a long time and some of the additional sites are equally small and lacking in updates. I think in this case, it's safe to assume no new content is ever going to be added. Alex Dark is a handsome guy, but his site is too small and too poor in quality to make it worth joining.

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