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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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No, it's not just some random tag, Skinny Mindy really is a paper-thin babe who could make the feather-weight division of any given sporting league. Timid is another word one could use to describe our fair-haired chick. She appears fresh to the game and overall, it's actually endearing to see her coming into her photo shoots with a hint of shyness.

The star of SkinnyMindy isn't the only aspect of the site that is rather lightweight. The amount of content could use a couple of extra pounds itself. Since the site carries with it a rather expensive membership fee, some justification is required and for the time being, the justification is simply not there.

If Mindy's frame is really pleasing to you, you'll have to admire it in still form. There aren't any videos on the site. At the time of this review, the only upcoming updates indicated on the home page were for picture sets.

What you can expect to see in the 32 photo sets is Mindy trying out a range of form-fitting outfits that include an Oriental dress, racing tights, a ladybug costume and some lingerie. One photo set appears to focus on a sleek-looking large-screen Plasma TV. I was really getting into following the video game being played on the screen, then out of nowhere, Mindy starts posing in front of the damn screen. So much for sharing the spotlight.

The images you get are not high-res, but put it to you this way - if I can follow a video game on a TV screen, they can't be that bad. You can also take the sets to go in Zip files. Oh, one thing I guess needs mentioning, Mindy does not bare it all, so if nudity is a must for you, you ain't getting it here.

As you wait for this site to grow, you get full access to 11 other sites that focus on nubile babes. These include Harmony Ann, Emi Clear, Lucy Daily, Lilly Luck and Aston Richards.

With such a huge amount of model sites out there, Skinny Mindy has to pull her weight to distinguish herself. If an abundance of content and nudity are must-haves, you'd best move on to greener pastures.

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  • Comment by: Preston James

    Score: 75% Date: 10/13/2009

    Pro: Mindy is simply gorgeous, in a chic, understated fashion that one hardly ever sees on the web, and certainly not hyper-thin in an unhealthy-looking way. The quality of the sets has steadily improved since the preceding review, and she obviously feels ar home with the demure/flirty style. If she were willing to go nude, even modestly, she could easily land appearances on MetArt, Hegre and similar high-end sites that give the model plenty of control over exposure.
    Con: While some of the googled descriptions of her site specify non-nude, the initial page of the site itself tells us that she does appear nude in the members' area - this was probably written by whoever packaged Mindy with the other sites and failed to see that she was the exception. Still, it looks dishonest and could hurt her career, so it should be changed. And as of mid-October there are still no videos.
    In brief, given an adorable face and flawless body, it seems a shame that she's stuck with this "tease" format, which doesn't particularly suit her relaxed, classy demeanor. While many of the near-nude shots are fine examples of the genre, others feature taped-over nipples,etc., that just look silly -like something from a 50's nudist magazine. (One "wardbrobe malfunction" about two months ago did in fact reveal a perfectly attractive nipple, and they somehow let that through.) Really, Mindy and her people need to look at some of the more modest, dignified shoots on Hegre,, if they want the viewership they deserve.