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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

When you come onto this site you are likely to notice a picture shoot that has Cindy Toby wrapped in yellow "caution" tape and with such a seductive smile coming from that face, you can't help but be drawn in. In fact, you want to be the lucky soul who gets to peel that tape from her hot tits and pussy. Man, I sure hope she did a good job of shaving her muff that morning!

I'm not quite sure what CindyToby's nationality is, but I could always just describe what she has going on. She has long caramel-colored hair, dark eyes that really draw you in and  a body that should never be covered, but unfortunately happens to be so throughout the site. That's right, you get soooo close to seeing those exquisite boobs and pussy. Close, but no cigar.

Alright, so you get to see some skin, her figure and she flashes you a smile during the photo shoots, but I'm afraid that's all you get - pictures. Unlike some other sites in the same network, this one doesn't contain any videos, which is quite a shame considering Cindy's beauty. Maybe something will come along in the future.

So you get no movies, no boob shots, no pussy peeks. What do you get? A total of 21 picture sets that feature images that are fairly sharp looking, though they don't reach our coveted brass-ring standard of high-res. For the most part you'll be seeing Cindy posing around her house, striking some poses or taking the show outdoors. All sets can be saved in Zip files.

Your membership gets you into 11 bonus sites featuring other individual models. Those sites include Harmony Ann, Lilly Luck, Lindy Lopez, Lucy Daily, Emi Clear and Aston Richards.

This site comes with an expensive price tag, one that is hardly justified considering the very tiny amount of content. If Cindy Toby is a babe you have to have in your roster of websites, consider waiting a few months to see how things have come along. Hopefully, she'll not only expand the amount of content, she'll also finally drop the bra and show us those firm melons.

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