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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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I'm one of those guys who really hates going to the clinic. As a germaphobe, you can bet I am out of my element and never feel horny in such an environment. But there was this one time I needed to check on some back pain and a couple of hot nurses in their mid-20s ran their hands along my back and chest, checking things out. Right then I understand why sites like Clinic Fuck carry the appeal they do.

My stay in the waiting room that day was too long, so I chanced it and left, but if it's one thing you can count on at ClinicFuck, it's an extra-short wait. The doctors on this site feel a need to take temperatures with their all-beef thermometers as soon as possible and the nurses aren't exactly reluctant to do what they can to improve their patients' health.

The clinic has 53 videos on hand and the sorry news is that none of it is exclusive. In fact, the episode titled "CS 7, scene 5" has already been on at least two other sites. The good thing is that a decent number of the flicks offer good-quality playback and you can choose between clips and full-length files.

There aren't any pictures to be found, only some really lousy vid caps. You can, however, save them in Zip files. So it's all about the videos here. Well, at least it used to be. There haven't been any new movies since July 2010, and after all these years, I highly doubt it will get back to adding new smut.

You get some counterbalance in the form of bonus sites. I didn't find any other sites with similar themes. Still, you get choice titles such as Amateur Bangers and Big Cocks Sex, all part of the All Porn Sites Pass network.

If you plan on checking out Clinic Fuck, you should be aware that the main value lies in the bonus sites. With its nonexclusive content and lack of updates, the site leaves something to be desired, but it might still be worth checking out for a while, because medical fetish sites aren't that common.

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