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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Before I go any further, I should tell you that That 70s Site isn't a pornographic parody of "That 70s Show." On the downside it means that there aren't any Mila Kunis look-alikes to be seen, but on the plus side, there aren't any Kurtwood Smith look-alikes either - you gotta take the good with the bad, my friends.

So what can you expect from That70sSite? The answer is classic hardcore skin flicks from the golden age of porn. There are 68 films and they have names like "All About Sharon Kane," "Sexpionage" and "Tight Delight." Maybe you've heard of them. If not, you can discover them on the site and sit back and enjoy all the vintage cock-sucking and fucking.

Each movie is fairly lengthy and consists of multiple scenes, so you're actually getting more porn than it would appear at first. None of the films can be streamed or downloaded in their full lengths, but individual clips can be. You can view them in an embedded player and download them as good-quality MPEGs and average-quality MP4 files.

You won't find any actual photos, but you will find 66 sets of vid caps. Being what they are, they aren't much to look at, but they do give you the ability to see what the films offer before you go to the trouble of streaming or downloading them. My biggest issue with the site, though, is that it hasn't updated in years.

Aside from all the classic porn, you also get access to all the sites from the Adult Doorway network, which include The Handjob Site, The Pantyhose Site and Pink Kitty Girls. You land on the network's homepage when you first sign in, actually, and you can just pick the site you want from the thumbnails or choose it from a list. They cover a variety of niches and give you much more hardcore action.

That 70s Site definitely needs to start updating again. Still, I'd say that the site has enough content that it could be worth a look for fans of vintage pornography. The extras make joining even more worthwhile if you like newer porn too. However, there is a download limit to deal with.

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