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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Amber Rayne is one of my favorite pornstars and she has been for quite a while. As such, you can imagine how delighted I was to discover Club Amber Rayne, a site devoted entirely to the cute brunette who has inspired many of my masturbation sessions. Oh, sorry, is that too much information?

The first thing you will realize when you sign into the site is that you are actually on the network's homepage. But don't worry, getting to Amber's porn is as simple as scrolling down the page until you see her sitename. With one click, you're in and ready to go.

On ClubAmberRayne, you can see 40 videos and 27 sets of pictures that all star Amber. She appears alone in some of them and with friends in others. The solo porn has her posing, stripping, masturbating and hanging out in places like Las Vegas, while the non-solo action has her giving head, fucking, getting with girls and even hooking up with multiple partners.

The movies can be streamed and downloaded in multiple formats. Some come in Full HD Windows Media files, but it seems as though you're more likely to come across average-quality vids. Leave a comment if one of them inspires you.

The pictures all look good, so you won't have to search too hard to find gorgeous images. They feature the same kind of material as the vids and they're worth a good, long look. It looks like you can only view them on the site, but the sets are quite big and get right up in there.

While you can't really complain about the content, you can most definitely complain about how often the website gets updated, which is never these days. Luckily, you're provided with extras to keep you busy, including all those sites that are part of the Adult Doorway network, including Face Fucking and Joe The Pervert

If you aren't already a fan of Amber's, you definitely will be once you give Club Amber Rayne a look. What's less certain, however, is if you'll want to stick around. In fact, you probably won't bother to unless you're also interested in the extras. Also, remember that there's a 20GB daily download limit.

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