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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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I've yet to visit Asia, but it is on my list, with Thailand and Japan on the top, followed by Vietnam and Laos. Of course, ticket prices have an effect on when and where I can go in the Pacific, but with a site like Transworld Asia, I can at least have a glimpse of what awaits me once I get the bankroll ready. As a longtime admirer of luscious Asian ladyboys, I was looking forward to it.

TransworldAsia has been redesigned and although the new look is certainly sleek I found counting the content a bit confusing. I soon figured out the source of my confusion, though. You see, there are two models indexes, one for photo galleries and the other for movies. The one for the photos does show some of each model's movie selection, but not all of them.

So, in other words, to make sure you see all 71 videos, use the movie section. They give you mostly high-def playback and the limited number that don't come in HD still look great. There's no dialogue, but often just the ambient sounds of the room, like quiet masturbation punctuated by traffic passing by outside. Other times, music is dubbed over the scenes.

Even if the soundtrack is sometimes distracting, there's no denying how hot these ladyboys are. Yes, generally Asian trannies are more exotically feminine in their appearance, but every single one of these babes doesn't look entirely female until her panties come off. Each one is extremely beautiful. I like that you'll see some blowjobs and anal sex, unlike previously when there were only solo scenes.

You can also check out 94 photo galleries and although the pics are gorgeous and high-res, there are no Zip files or even a hands-free slideshow. They try to keep things interesting by having some creative props, including weapons. Abhie, for example, messes around with a samurai sword, putting the blade dangerously close to her cock. There are several shoots that I like to think of as "Tranny Get Your Gun" - a concept that Google confirms exists in several other forms.

There are 16 models who have extra photo sets or videos on offer that include candid snapshots or behind-the-scenes footage. There's also a members' forum. In the model index, you'll notice that some of these transsexuals give out personal contact info. Overall, Transworld Asia has improved and grown with updates (up to twice a week), that it's now much easier to recommend.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Rolo

    Score: 20% Date: 09/02/2013

    Would advise people to avoid this site, the quality of the videos are of poor quality, shame really because the sexy girls deserve better. There are not many Cum shots either which is very poor considering the amount of videos, Sexy models but poor Quality movies.

  • Comment by: michel

    Score: 30% Date: 06/01/2013

    the hd is not clear it's like old video transform in 1280x720
    very bad quality of videos find just 4or 5 wiyh high quality
    terrible to charge for scrap finally

  • Comment by: Dwayne27

    Score: 77% Date: 08/18/2011

    Not a bad site, the videos are pretty well produced and the sets for the photos are usually well put together. There isn't a huge volume of pictures but I like what they do have.
    Although some complain there are no zip sets it is easy to get around that by using Firefox and getting a plugin called Downloadhelper which will save every photo on the page (in full size), just make sure to make the settings to cover downloading a few hundred pics at a time. The models on this site are all beautiful and all of them seem to be from the Philippines. Their beauty rivals those of Thailand except that they speak english!!! If you are looking for a site with lots of anal sex, you won't find it here but at least there are lots of cum shots.

  • Comment by: VeteranTSLover

    Score: 55% Date: 02/13/2010

    This site leaves a lot to be desired. Hard to use, it's not very user friendly. This flash flow galleries and other things are hard to use and pointless. Their outside graphics preview changed every 2 months, I never know if I am at the right site. The earlier videos were not HD, but only enlarged with video software. And the nice color of the photos, is not the same in the videos. It's washed out. The photos are nice I'll give them that. 1200x1600 and even 1600x2400 are picture sizes. But No Zips? Why not, everyone else has them. Every photo opens into a new window, I hate that. I always have.

    Clearly the site was put together with poor web architecture. The price, honestly wasn't happy with the $25 but they were new and thought I would try it. I did not renew. They should have started $19.95 like most sites do. It seems that they dazzle you with the preview, which has now turned into 1 page only, just to hook you in. Honestly there are a ton of sites on the net with high quality photos, videos and have set zips much better then this one.

    In closing, I was impressed by the photos, but that was all, so thumbs up. I was disappointed in no zips, poor quality washed out enlarged videos, poor site architecture and the price, all thumbs down.

    Final words: Cruise the net, find your site and stick with it. Some of these newer sites clearly never paid attention to what the Veteran sites have done for years . . . please the customer, not your Facebook generation ego's. And to call it Playboy for Ladyboys is an insult to Playboy.

  • Comment by: Speedy

    Score: 85% Date: 12/11/2009

    This site has the highest ratio of stunner's to models that I've ever seen on any one site! Simply superb classy models everywhere you look.

    This site is mainly for people that like pics and appreciate quality and craftsmanship i would say it's a site for the connoisseur and vets of TS scene.

    The pics and vid's are HD and as i keep saying very classy and sexy i would like to see more vids (currently 20+) but yhey are adding new sets and vids weekly Pics on wed & Vid each Saturday so i'm happy with update ratio.

    Theres no zip download option for the pics so you have to go through and select the pics you want to keep i hope as they get bigger they add this option.

    The site is not huge but it is full of quality and if they carry on at this level they will surely challenge the best

    At $25 per month or $60 for 3 months i am definitely getting top value for money, this site is like playboy for TS (with cum shots) definitely gonna stick with it!

    If you want quality, sexy, stunning Asian chicks then check out this site i am definitely a believer in quality over quantity.

    certainly not the biggest site around but definitely enough high quality content to be well worth the price!