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Miss Audrey Spanks doesn't take sass lightly and has no problems dropping your pants and teaching your butt a lesson with the palm of her hand. Audrey Knight is a beautiful and stern chick who doles out the punishment and rosies up ass cheeks in this fun collection of spanking.

The layout of MissAudreySpanks is simple and the design is a little ho-hum. The menu bar lists all the sections on the left-hand side of the page and content is listed in the middle. You'll notice that the menu bar changes up a bit on different pages, so if you can't find a link go back to the homepage and look for it.

There are 27 videos available for download in Windows Media format. The quality of the files varies, but the last couple of updates have great-quality WMVsfor you to look at. The site advertises streaming, but really you're just waiting for the video to download and open on its own.

What really makes these flicks fun is Audrey and the way she scolds her spanked guys and gals. Each scene has a storyline and she does a good job of keeping it on track throughout the movie. Sometimes the spanked person will start to giggle, but she quickly puts an end to that kind of subordinate behavior. Smack!

There are also 28 photo galleriesfull of low-res images. Some of the images are blown up to a higher resolution, but the picture gets fuzzy. These shots can be downloaded in Zip files and they give you a good idea of what happens in the associated video.

Extras come in the form of vintage photos and drawings that feature spanking, stories, a blog and some blooper reels. I really liked the bonus images, especially the vintage pics. It's also worth noting that these drawings and photos always depict a chick doling out the tushy smacking. The blooper vids give you some interesting and humorous behind-the-scenes moments too.

If you find yourself getting really turned on by Miss Audrey Spanks, you can apply to get spanked by her. On the members' area homepage there are links to info areas about appearing in her vids or getting a private session. This site has lot of fun spanking, but it needs to grow. The update schedule is unclear since none of the content is dated. I say check back soon because this site has a lot of potential.

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  • Comment by: Jack

    Score: 10% Date: 10/10/2010

    Con: Audrey Knight is no longer affiliated with this site.
    Pro: Does have some nice shots of Audrey.