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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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We live in a busy world that demands a lot from us and sometimes keeping up with our need to get laid isn't within the realm of scheduling possibilities. It's all the more reason why it's so good to have other means at our disposal. Machine Sex Slaves is a little more on the unconventional side. It adds a bit of bondage and even sci-fi elements to set a distinct ambiance.

The chicks on this site get fucked hard by a number of different fucking machines - some are fully automated, others operate by hand and the atmosphere varies from video to video. MachineSexSlaves has 122 movies that can be downloaded in Windows Media files. The best offers great-quality playback, but it seems that you're more likely to encounter ones with good-quality playback. You can also save the flicks as M4Vs and there's a streaming option.

Without any human fatigue getting in the way, these machines get used for all they're worth. The shoots have a dark industrial feel. You'll see pictures of giant gears and even a zeppelin floating by in the background, letting you imagine you're in a factory at the turn of the last century. However, my favorite scene shows two latex-clad women demonstrating a machine on stage in front of a huge audience of men. Apparently, the police almost interrupted the show.

Not all the movies come with picture sets, but you get 96 galleries comprised of high-res pics that you can download in Zip files. If there's one in particular that I must recommend it's "Peggy and the Latex Monster." Sweet Peggy Sue wears a translucent amber corset and is manhandled by a beast covered in a shiny black suit, complete with a gas mask and arms covered in accordion hose. He (or she?) uses a power-drill dildo on her.

It's been a long time since the last update, but thankfully you get access to 17 bonus sites from the Burning Ticket network. They include other fetish-friendly offerings such as Femdom Violations, Rubber Penetrations and Undisciplined Subs. There are also many DVDs to watch.

There are a few scenes here that you'll also see on some of the other sites. Still, Machine Sex Slaves offers some loud orgasms produced by some truly creative contraptions and the website is worth a look.

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