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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I remember back in the day being at a friend's house when an adult cable channel accidentally appeared unscrambled. It had a porno about a freelance detective who had an enormous, err, gun. Obviously, the joke was that he was the biggest Private Dick. On Lethal Lipstick, it's the chicks who are armed and dangerous. They run around in skimpy outfits threatening men with firearms. You will also see them modeling their weaponry in seductive poses.

LethalLipstick has 505 videos to download. Most of them come in a Windows Media format, but some of the older ones are available as MPEGs instead. The movies offer mostly mostly good-quality playback, although the newest come in Full HD and even the ones that were posted all the way back in 2005 aren't too shabby. The only issue I have is that they are very short, lasting about three to six minutes. However, they are jam-packed with action from start to finish.

There isn't any sex and you won't even see much nudity. Instead, each vid is like a mini shoot-em-up crime or spy scene. The video section actually has the following statement: "Please note, these movies contain action scenes only. The bullets never find their targets, and no one ever comes to harm in the movies." However, just because no one actually gets shot does not mean that you won't hear gunshots, even if you'll never see any carnage. It's all in good and titillating fun.

There are also 518 photo sets that you can download in convenient Zip files or view in slideshows. The pictures are crisp and clear and look great. These British dames (that term seems appropriate given the site's theme) are really quite lovely. I appreciate that many of them have curvy figures. The photos mostly show gun-toting babes in poses without plotlines.

For me, there's just something sexy about seeing a pretty gal brandishing an assault rifle. It makes my libido race with just a trace of fear. It's powerful imagery warning me to proceed with caution. Even while undressing her with my eyes, I can't let my guard down, especially so I won't go over that three gigabyte daily download limit.

You get a new video each week, but you don't get any bonus sites unless you buy a more expensive multi-site membership. There is a members' forum and you can make requests for special scenes.

Lethal Lipstick has unique content presented in high-quality formats. You'll want to put your hands up when these authoritative chicks brandish their guns at you, but you might find that they're a little too busy.


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