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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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I laughed my ass off the first time I watched the John Waters movie Polyester. There's a character by the name of Dexter that likes to sniff glue, then follow the experience up by stomping on the feet of unsuspecting women. After taking a look at Smell Feet Girls, I got to thinking, that's not really nice. A woman's feet can be a beautiful thing, so why tarnish that loveliness with a fierce heel jab?

Whereas some of the chicks Dexter targeted in the film were somewhat average, what you can count on at SmellFeetGirls are top-notch babes. You'd be willing to spend your car payment money on drinks for these chicks without thinking twice. If you are a serious foot-freak, then prepare to have your fix fulfilled.

Though the 351 videos are pretty short (they clock in at the one or two minute mark), at least you get plenty of them. What you get are close-ups of the tootsies in good-quality Windows Media files. The imagery of the files actually look sharper than it sounds.

The 356 picture galleries are pretty much the highlight of the site. Though at 50 pics per average set, they aren't the largest collections, they come in very sleek looking high-res images. You can expect the same footsie close-ups as in the movies, but also you get pictures that focus on the other points of beauty. You will also see some foot-sniffing shots.

The site has a simple design, but the navigation still gets cumbersome. You'll find yourself hitting the back-click button quite often. Other than that you have a fairly solid site. Though you get no bonus sites or extras, the main content appears to be updated four times a week, so you certainly will never wait long for fresh stuff.

Smell Feet Girls seem to know what their audience wants and in my opinion are on the right track. I have seen a few foot worship sites and this one pulls ahead of several of them. If you need a reliable source of foot-loving content, this site is worth checking out.

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