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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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It seems like more and more of today's youth are out of control. They drink, smoke, stay out all night and cause trouble wherever they go. Harsh lectures just don't work anymore and we can't put them all in jail, so how can we put an end to their delinquency? The guys behind Teenage Delinquents have an interesting solution and it's one that I could definitely get behind - and on top of and under and...

Ahem! TeenageDelinquents is a reality porn site where guys drive around like Batman and Robin and stop teen criminals in their tracks. Instead of whupping their asses or turning them over to the cops, they present the girls with a legal way to make some money - porn!

The babes all go for it and it's a good thing too because there wouldn't be much to the site if they didn't. I should note that not all of the scenes follow that exact same scenario, but they all seem to feature a chick with some attitude as well as the pick-up scenarios we so often see in reality porn.

To date, there are 70 videos and 70 sets of pictures. You have the choice of streaming them on the site or downloading them as Windows Media files. The older ones look good and most of the movies give you high-def playback (although, all the vids are marked as HD). The photos are pretty impressive too. They're crisp and clear and worth saving in Zip files.

There's more than enough bonus content to keep you busy since the site is part of the large Reality Gang network and you get access to their 36 other sites, like After Class Adventures, Big Sausage Pizza and Jr College Lesbians.

Teenage Delinquents has the potential to become a good site, but I would like to see more frequent updates. They have only updated once in the last five months. Still, the site is worth a look and if you're also interested in the extras then you will have plenty to see.

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