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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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For those of you who aren't up with your French, I'll tell you right now that the word "jolie" means pretty. Yeah, that's it, just pretty. So it's to say that this name isn't the most apt to describe The Jolie Twins, who belong more to the gorgeous camp. These identical black beauties are all you could possibly want as far as ebony beauties go.

TheJolieTwins are the first to know just how hot they are and you can pretty much pick up on that when you read about them on their bio page. These chicks like living the good life and with looks like theirs, it really isn't hard for them to find people willing to give them just that. What you get in terms of content is softcore action and lots of seductive glances.

In the 57 videos you get to watch Renee and Jenee pillow fight, soak an afternoon away in the hot tub, compare skirts and then it's back to the wrestling. The videos don't run for too long and all of them have a soundtrack playing, so I'm afraid we won't get to hear their voices. Too bad. At least you can watch the action in great-quality Windows Media and QuickTime files. You can also take these babes on the go on your iPod.

For the most part, the 20 picture sets are a rehash of what you get in the videos, but when you see just how high-res these shots are, your eyes will widen right away. You get about 80 pictures per set and it really would have helped to be able to download them in Zip files.

You get no bonus sites with your membership. About as far as it goes is a bonus picture gallery containing four sets of photos of white chicks.

The Jolie Twins are billed as having one of the most unique sites out there and I have to give them that. In terms of softcore modeling sites, I feel this one hits the mark and delivers quality content that is certainly worth checking out.

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  • Comment by: J.T.

    Score: 90% Date: 07/01/2009

    I just joined the Jolie twin sisters and I must say these 2 twins are hands down the hottest twins online. The movies and photos are stunningly sexy. They have great chemistry with the camera and push the limits of what 2 sisters can do to each other. I think they are with the same company that runs the Apple twins site, but these Jolie twins are much more wild and a little more "hands on." I love twin sisters and I love the Jolie twins.