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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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It's always nice to have friends, but having Facial Friends is even better. This is an amateur site that prides itself on collecting some top-notch face-buttering artistry as performed by sexy couples who are unafraid of public attention. In their member submissions page, the webmasters state that they prefer hot chicks and they get what they're looking for.

One small downside to FacialFriends is that on that same submission page, they state they want videos to culminate in face cum. The first video I watched wrapped up with three drops of diluted ball-batter on a chick's left tit. I'll give that one a pass just because the chick was hot, but had I been the one in front of the camera, I would've basted her face in my man juices like the gods themselves had called for it to happen.

As it stands, 38 videos have been posted and it's a patchwork of length and quality. All videos come in Windows Media files and though some are good to top-notch in quality, some are also poor-looking. In some cases, the lesser-quality files are simply the result of using dated video equipment, but are still worth watching. The videos tend to last about 15 minutes on average and the interaction between the couples involved has an organic feel.

The site doesn't appear interested in featuring any pictures. To tell you the truth, having no pictures on this site doesn't lower it in my opinion all that much, because this kind of action belongs on video camera. Since the amount of content is on the light side for the time being, the two solo model bonus sites you get with membership are a nice touch. Exploring them might be a better bet than waiting for updates, as it's been about 10 months since the last vid was added.

Personally, I really liked what I found on Facial Friends even though I am disappointed by the update schedule. As a fan of splooge-capades, I feel the participants here put their best funk forward, which is why I want more of them. Without more frequent updates, this site is too small for the money. You might want to head over to the submissions page and send in your own stuff to beef up the amount of content before you even think of joining.

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