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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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Some people have a very deep-seated fear of getting whacked. It's a thought they carry to bed with them each night and it's a fear that puts hesitation in them as they turn the key in their ignition. They are a small segment of society. A larger segment has nothing but enthusiasm about getting Whacked Off, which, of course, is a lot more pleasant than getting outright whacked.

Jerking one's pud is always a joy because, let's face it, no one knows how to work a man's tool like the man to whom it belongs. However, there are some babes out there who either took a course on handjob delivery or were simply created to be Jedi-jerkers from the start. WhackedOff shows babes that's there's more than just one way to tug at the love-pole.

There are 189 videos. They advertise weekly updates and the increase in content from our last review suggests that they make good on that claim. The very best vids offer good-quality playback, while the worst fall into the poor-quality category. Most are somewhere in between, with the majority offering below average quality.

You'll basically see amateur couples doing the whack in their style. It's not just handjobs - some blowjobs and footjobs come into play as well. My favorite lady has to be Kim whom they describe as the MILF next door who whacks off all her neighbors. She really seems to love giving tugjobs to all kinds of guys. She might seduce the in-shape young dude, but she has no problem pulling the pud of a slightly pudgy guy either. At one point, this chick is so horny that she invites two men over and double fists their dicks.

There is a picture section, but guess what? There aren't any pictures in there! All you get are half-hearted animated GIFs. They're more of a fun gimmick than adding anything of real value. After all, there are only 12 of them and they aren't very crisp.

There are no bonus sites, but, on the bright side, the site's reasonably priced. Whacked Off's real attraction has to be the true amateur nature of its handjob scenes and there's enough action here to make signing up worthwhile, but it would be nice if more of it was higher in quality.

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  • Comment by: arnydawg

    Score: 80% Date: 07/10/2011

    Sometimes updates, page three is the best so far in my opinion. I love the whole scene when you can see the chick jerking and the guy's reaction at the same time, this is a great site for that. Some very hot videos, some are safely in my favorites vault.