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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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It's not the most creative sitename out there, but Mature On Cam is a pretty accurate description of what you are going to see. Well, actually, a more accurate description would be "Amateur Mature Russian Women Sucking And Fucking Guys Half Their Age On Cam," but that would be too long and annoying to type into the address bar of your Internet browser.

So, we are left with MatureOnCam as the indicator of content that you are going to check out. And there are a few good things to mention about this collection. First, the video quality. The flicks are all split up into clips that can be downloaded as DivX formatted AVI files that offer stellar-quality playback. There are currently 72 movies available, which is a decent number.

Unfortunately, the outlook isn't so good when it comes to updates. They haven't added anything new in quite a while. It looks like they're adding new flicks every three days, but in reality, they're just changing the date stamps. So the site isn't getting any bigger or any better.

While the performers are pretty amateur, the filming is pretty good. Various angles and positions are employed to give you some great looks at the raunchy action. My big complaint with the material is the lack of money shots.

Of all the episodes I checked out, half of them ended with the guy acting like he was cumming inside the woman, but not pulling out to show us the supposed creampie. There are no photos to provide evidence of these ejaculations either.

If money shots aren't that important to you then the website might be worth checking out. However, the price tag is fairly high, so Mature On Cam isn't for anyone on the fence. With no new content on the way, it's definitely not worth sticking with indefinitely.

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