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By: Chris Parker
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Originally from northern Ontario, Mandy moved to Quebec a little before her tenth birthday. She was raised there by her mother and grew up in small towns and villages. Nowadays, she still likes going back to her hometown because it's so peaceful, quiet and relaxing. Unfortunately, that tranquility may not last for long because as people start discovering Mandy's personal website, Hardcore Mandy, they'll begin flocking to her town in the hopes of getting a glimpse of her.

HardcoreMandy is easy to use and a site redesign has made it look even better. Its homepage presents you with the latest video and photo updates and also gives you a little background info about its star. Links to vids, pics and bonus photo galleries are located at the top of the page.

The site has 51 videos. They're spread out across six pages and each one comes with a short synopsis that lets you know what to expect. You can download the flicks in a Windows Media format and I recommend that you do just that, as they all offer stellar-quality playback.

There are 132 sets of pictures and, just like with the movies, each set comes with a short synopsis that gives you a hint about what you'll see. Since all the images are available in two different sizes, including a "large" one that gives you high-res photographs, there's very little not to like about them, aside from the fact that they can't be saved in Zip files.

We found the exact same amounts the last time we checked in on this cute Quebecoise and there doesn't seem to be any plans to add more. Also, despite calling herself "hardcore," Mandy only lives up to her name about half the time, because much of her content is softcore and involves little more than Mandy posing and stripping. 

However, she can be hardcore when she wants to be and you will occasionally see her sucking cock and fucking. Mandy can also be quite brazen at times and that's best displayed in the videos where she wanders around Toronto and tries to get complete strangers to pay her to flash her tits.

Remember the bonus photo galleries that I mentioned before? Well, there are over 240 of them and they each feature beautiful babes and high-res images. It's also the one area of the site that's grown. These additional pics can't be saved as Zip files either, but they're still worth a look.

Mandy is charismatic and you can tell that she's having fun when she's on camera, which is why it's so surprising she hasn't appeared in front of it for a while. Her enthusiasm remains pretty contagious, but with no recent updates it might be hard to enjoy Hardcore Mandy for more than a month.

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