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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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When I think of combining nudity and measuring tape I usually think about that ruler I keep by the side of my bed so I can check out the length of my manhood in the morning when I wake up with the "big morning hard-on." At Snatch Sizers they have something completely different in mind.

SnatchSizers is top-quality keisoku fetchi. If you know what that is then you are going to really appreciate what the site provides. For those of you in the dark, keisoku fetchi is also known as "measuring fetish" and involves measuring every part of a woman's body. And when I say "every part" I am not exaggerating all that much.

The scenes are presented in the manner of a competition show. One cute Russian babe is the host and she introduces and measures all three of the participants. They are introduced one at a time and for the next hour or more they are presented and measured from their ankles to their nipples, to their clits and the distance between their pussy and asshole.

Also measured is their weight, their waist size, the length of their feet, the circumference of their necks, their wrists, the diameter of their nipple halo, pussy depth, the width of their lacteal gland and the width of their vulvar lips just to name a few more. Finally, the last part of the scenes involve a pussy strength tug-of-war competition that eventually decides the winner of the 1000 dollar prize.

At this point there are 40 sets of pictures and four videos. Although that "four" number is a bit misleading. The site was updating weekly and adding lengthy parts (10-15 minutes) of the scene each week, with the final full-length episode (about an hour and half long) after about four or five weeks. Video quality is excellentand the pics are high-res.

Membership includes access to five bonus sites, including Old Bride, Drunken 18 and Fucking Hookers. The only real disappointing thing, as I see it, is the fact that they haven't updated anything in over two weeks, whereas they had been on a very consistent once-a-week schedule prior to that.

The price tag is such that for any measurement fetish fans out there it is definitely worth checking out. This is very original content and you are not gonna find lots of sites out there catering to this niche. Thankfully, Snatch Sizers does it well, even if they are a little small and have slowed their updating.

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