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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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We've looked at many spanking sites over the years and for the most part they've all been pretty similar. There are exceptions though and Hot Spanking Girls is one of them. What sets the site apart from its peers is that instead of depicting its models as submissives, the site chooses instead to cast them in the role of dominants.

These HotSpankingGirls beat guys like they owe them money and, in the process, they give members something that they don't usually get on spanking sites. Then again, this isn't really a spanking site, but I'll elaborate on that a little later.

While it does give its members a chance to experience a refreshing role reversal, it makes them work to enjoy the content. What I mean by this is that the material isn't presented in a very user-friendly manner, so navigating the website is a bit of a chore - you have to search through a model index to find the content. Plus, the design is pretty awful.

The amount of movies and pictorials any one model appears in varies, but overall there are about 140 short videos and around 140 photo sets available. The films are all downloadable in Windows Media and RealPlayer formats. The quality of the flicks isn't the same across the board, but the newer ones offer HD bit rates. As for the pictures, the sets can't be saved as Zip files, but the images are nice and high-res. They look to be updating every two weeks.

Both the movies and photos show that the women are firmly in control of things. These German gals slap the snot out of these guys and they occasionally go out of their way to humiliate them as well. Some of the men are made to do things like worship the women's feet or to lick stuff off the floor.

Now, even though the word "spanking" is used in the sitename, there's little to no actual spanking to be seen. Instead, members are treated to D/s porn. As such, Hot Spanking Girls is really more of a Femdom site than it is a spanking site. If you're cool with that and don't mind the irritating navigation, you might want to give the website and its high-quality content a look.


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