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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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Back in the '80s, one of the most dominant entertainment entities on the market was Heavy Metal. This visually rich comic was chockfull of sex, violence and, in some cases, social commentary and visions of a dystopian future. Trans Art Studio carries the same kind of high-quality art found in the famed comic book, minus the violence and social commentary. However, the future depicted on this site does not seem very dystopian at all.

It only takes a few clicks until you realize just how abundant the material is on TransArtStudio. You will find the following statement on the homepage: "I'm constantly working on adding tons of new content regularly to try to bring you the best shemale art online." That is no line of BS. There really is a staggering amount of art, over 500 exclusive images, to work your way through.

There are no videos, but that can be excused for the fact that the focus really is on illustrated art and what is done here is done very well. Who knows? Maybe someday in the future we will see the introduction of videos.

Your bounty here is a total of six huge picture galleries. That number is deceptively low, but that is because the sets found on the gallery pages are organized by niche, like hardcore or parodies. Furthermore, when new images are added, they are slotted in one of the six galleries. Most have more than 150 pics each and are updating regularly.

The majority of the images in these collections arehigh-res. It should be mentioned that even those that fall slightly below the high-res mark are still very sharp looking. These beautifully illustrated comics depict shemales with monster-sized dongs masturbating, fucking other shemales and even fucking themselves.

The images are also peppered with humor. You get to see what tranny sex between Tina Fey and Sarah Palin would be like. If you ever wondered what goes on while Al Bundy sells shoes during the day, there is a depiction of that in the form of a comic book.

There are no bonus sites available, but you get five sources of live-action hardcore video feeds. I strongly recommend Trans Art Studio. Kinky Jimmy, the man behind all the images, is clearly passionate about his art and presents only the best. If your love of trannies matches your passion for high-caliber illustrations, give this site a try.

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