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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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What do you do with girls who misbehave? Give them their own website apparently and then spank the hell out of their asses and film it, so that you have something to post. That seems to be what was done on Punished Girls, a spanking site where cute chicks get their butts beaten mercilessly.

PunishedGirls isn't the prettiest of sites, but it's pretty easy to navigate because all the content is spread across more than a dozen pages. Combined, it gives you a grand total of 124 movies, but there aren't any photos.

Each of the films can be downloaded in Windows Media format and they're all available as clips or full-length files. The flicks vary in quality a bit, but since they offer mostly good-quality playback, they're all pretty easy on the eyes. Running 45 to 60 minutes each, they're fairly long too, so that's nice to see.

So what can you expect from the videos? Well, in one I watched, two British beauties dressed as students know they're in for a world of hurt. They were naughty and now an older guy is going to teach them a lesson. He has them do some exercises for a bit before spanking their asses with his bare hands, then he moves on to swatting their butts with a long, thin stick.

After that, he has them strip naked, get on exercise bikes and pedal while he slaps their asses. That's followed by even more spanking. Once the guy feels that the two babes have learned their lesson, he has them take a bath together. While they soak in the water, the two cuties reflect on their punishment and wash each other.

Since our last visit over two years ago, over 35 new scenes have been added to this delicious spanking site. It isn't quite clear what the exact update schedule is, but it appears as though the vids are added to the site one clip at a time. If that's indeed the case, it could take a while for a full film to show up.

Luckily, there are 80 bonus vids to check out while you wait for new content to be added and these involve spanking too. Keep in mind that if you try to download any of them you'll be prompted to join another site, but you can stream them all without paying extra.

With a decent amount of high-quality videos, exclusive content and some theme-related extras, spanking enthusiasts will find a lot to like about Punished Girls. The cost of a monthly membership is a tad expensive, but it might be worth the price for many of you.

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  • Comment by: prettywoman

    Score: 25% Date: 03/12/2013

    First the good news: there are some pretty girls and some fairly original storylines with mostly credible dialogue. Much of the posing is very erotic.
    A minor irritation is the way the spanker plays his part. If he is using a big implement like a paddle, when he smacks he presses it against the girl's ass for a while - hiding it - instead of taking it away immediately. When handspanking the way he holds his right hand is peculiar and distracting.
    However, the enormous bad news which makes me recommend that you do not join this site is the abominable quality of the videos. As is so often the case, your reviewer seems to be writing about another site: "mostly good quality playback" just does not apply to Punished Girls. It is frustrating and disappointing that a brilliant scene like the first half of Painful Persuasion, for example, is made almost unwatchable by the diabolically poor video quality.