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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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When I was growing up, most curse words were taboo. However, my family did volley around the term "bugger." In retrospect it seems a bit funny. You see, in British English, it's slang for sodomite. It isn't always used in the vulgar sense, though, and could even be an affectionate term. At any rate, the lads on Rugger Bugger are footballers, rugby players and other athletes who might not be into buggery, but who many of us might wish to bugger.

These hunks will appeal to both men and women because they are macho studs with incredible bods and, in some cases, some rather meaty rods between their bulging thighs. RuggerBugger has around 988 videos. They can be downloaded in a Windows Media format and streamed in an embedded player. The vids vary in quality, but many offer good-quality playback and some are even presented in Full HD, which is pretty great.

I will tell you something I learned from this site. Actually, it's something I already knew. When you take a bunch of guys and put them on a team, the resulting male bonding can lead to some rather colorful shenanigans, like all that hazing-ritual stuff and just straight-up goofiness. For example, there's a scene where naked, soaped-up teammates lie on top of one another to slide across a wet tiled floor.

There are also about 6,745 pic sets, but some of them contain vid caps, which is not surprising considering that a lot of this content is just video footage and a lot of the images are scanned from print sources. Most of it isn't exclusive - it's not like these sporty hunks are actually posing for the site.

I can tell you that you will find some high-res photos here and there. There are also quite a few medium-res pics taken from other websites. I have seen lots of nude male celebrity sites and some even have athletes on them. However, this site has some rather obscure material that I think you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

I can only assume that Rugger Bugger is still updating because there's more content this time around, but nothing on the site is actually dated. Growing or not, there's no getting around the fact that the website is pretty expensive. It brings you lots of sporty hunks and some content that you'll have a hard time finding elsewhere, but it's difficult to look past the price.

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