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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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Sometimes a chick is so naughty that she deserves a little discipline. On Bi Spanking, misbehaving ladies take being disciplined to the next level. They engage in babe-on-babe spanking, but they aren't always completely left to their own devices. Often a strict male disciplinarian is there to keep a watchful eye on the doling out of punishment. After all, you wouldn't want things to get out of hand.

All the same, despite his best efforts, some of these bad girls get into mischief. Even as they're being punished for misbehavior, they cross the line. Given that the site is called BiSpanking, you can probably guess that these women get turned on by other women.

In fact, the "sexual" section of the site has lesbian mutual masturbation. Even in the bondage and spanking sections, there's definitely some lesbo-erotic tension and some tied-up babes are tortured with a vibrator while spanked.

There are 264 videos and they are mostly mediocre in quality, but some look average despite their low bit rates. They're also rather short, so you're going to see about six to eight minutes of action at most. Still, there are a few scenes that have over 45 minutes of footage, most often in the bondage section where the scenes can get a bit more complex.

There are 203 photo galleries often with quite large and crisp pics. Obviously, some vids don't have photos, but also there are two scenes that only have pictures. All the same, the images will still give you a decent taste of the action, with girls bent over or bracing themselves, palms against the wall, to take their licks. There are barehanded spankings, canings and bottoms beaten with paddles. There are some BDSM threesomes too.

Currently, updates are once every two weeks and you get three bonus sites, including Spanking Teen Jessica. The other two are also dedicated to a teen model getting spanked. The main thing in this site's favor is that the scenes are exclusive. However, you also have a download limit of 10GB every six hours. Bi Spanking has some unique content, but could have higher-quality playback.

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