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Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner
Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner
Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner

How often have you gone searching for a specific adult video, only to discover all those fees associated with downloading or buying it? Despair no more, because there's VideoBox (formerly known as Climax Corner) and it has the largest collection of porn for the best price on the Net!

For a low monthly fee you get access to over 15,000 DVDs and it's one of the naughtiest boxes we've seen in a while. Updates come daily and often include as many as five or six new titles, so VideoBox just keeps on getting bigger and better.

The DVDs combine to give you 88,183 scenes to download. Covering various themes, such as amateur, gonzo, kink and interracial, the movies span a wide variety of sexual action and come in several formats. You mostly get great-quality flicks, but there are over 4,500 that offer an HD option. You can also download them for your portable devices and stream them in Flash. There are no picture sets.

One of the more innovative features is the ability to edit your own video to download. The full-length scenes are listed as a series of thumbnails and you simply drag a bar across the parts you want. In other words, you can cut out any part at the beginning or end of a complete scene that you don't want to see. For example, you can choose to only focus on the money shot and skip the rest of the action.

There's another really cool feature that's called "flow mode" where you'll see about 20 porn scenes flowing by in the player at the same time. When you see one that interests you, just click it and it plays in a larger screen that opens up on top of the others. Close the screen and the flowing continues. You can even filter the flowing vids by different criteria. Trust me, it can take up many minutes of your day watching all the flowing. They even have an app for the Roku box.

You might fear that navigating this vast amount of content is an overwhelming task. However, the navigation system is great. Besides the list of categories, you can browse by series, title, studio, performer and even go with the "clips" button. There's also a search engine to further simplify things. Once you find something you like, you can add it to your favorites. You can also change the interface to display the "Evil" or "Vivid" channels to only see content from one of those major studios.

The best thing yet is the price. With more content than any other site, this is the best value we've seen. This is especially true if you choose the 18-month membership option because you receive a Roku box for free, allowing you to stream all the content on your television. That, coupled with the constant updating, won't leave you feeling like you're paying too much. Joining VideoBox is a must for any hardcore porn fan who loves a wide range of action.

Number of Reviews: 185
Average Score: 65.1

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User Rating: 63/100 (Latest 30 of 176 comments)
  • Comment by: Frasier - Score: 75/100 - Date: 10/9/2014
    Well the content is simply overwhelming, but the site is not working well.
    Can't really tell when it started, was it last autumn perhaps? Have not been active there for a while.
    I get 1-2 Megabytes per second now. That's it. Sometimes even less.
    And it's a real problem since I choose the higher bitrate versions of the scenes.
    They obviously have to raise their prices somewhat.
    Higher prices = somewhat fever subscribers PLUS money to spend on network infrastructure.
    Strange that they haven't reached that conclusion by now...

    And by the way, I'm in Europe. Suspect it's even worse during North American rush hours.
  • Comment by: Niles - Score: 85/100 - Date: 9/8/2014
    -Holy lord there is so much content here. As of right now, you pay 12 dollars for 18.5K videos? Are you kidding me? WTH are you doing ordering DVDs? So many actresses. Just about all of my favorites are here.
    -FLOW MODE. The flow mode here actually works, it allows you skim through thousands of videos at once and if something catches your eye you can pause and watch.
    -STASH You can have several different titled folders for your fav scenes, stars, and movies.
    - HARDCORE PORN. Some of the other paysites you might join with big names just aren't up to par when it comes to this. If you like rough, filthy, and obscene you will find it in abundance.
    -CUSTOM CLIPS. Don't want to download the whole scene, perhaps the first 30 minutes were boring and the last 30 seconds were great (lool)? You can do that here.
    Commenters - Some incredibly helpful people have commented on scenes and they will tell you if the scene in its entirety can be found on a different DVD>

    -A prechecked cross sell. Watch OUT! When you join porn sites for this kind of nonsense. Also, porn sites auto-rebill you so if you don't plan on sticking around, cancel right away so you don't forget about it later.
    -Some of the nitty-gritty things aren't updated very well, like star profile pics, tags.

    DL speeds for me were fine. Always 2.2-2.4Mb down reliably on my cable.

    Definitely a must-join.
  • Comment by: Tsetse - Score: 80/100 - Date: 8/30/2014
    you should update the number of moview.... 88j+ are only available by joining a aditional channel.... bas side only has ~18k vids

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:09/02/2014): Hi, Tsetse. Our review is due for an update. We will get it updated soon.
  • Comment by: Ron Jon - Score: 1/100 - Date: 7/28/2014
    They have a new billing partner watch out they just tried to bill me 5 times for $144. I ordered 1 year for $96. Causing the card to lock up and auto bill for my water bill to fail. Affecting my credit score was 726
    PRO they apologized
  • Comment by: onlyme - Score: 92/100 - Date: 6/29/2014
    Mr Rabbit is bang on with review of this site gents. Probably the best all round site available, and you should have no hesitation in trying it if you have not done so before.
    It also has a Mr Benmar51, (take a bow Sir! , you should get a free membership IMHO)) and friends to help you find movies/stars/ navigate to other scenes etc. Mr R is right on an easy 92!!!!
    Pros. Comments section is great. Great value, loads content.
    Cons. very few maybe a bit like mcdonalds though.
  • Comment by: PhilZ - Score: 20/100 - Date: 6/21/2014
    Pro: Lots of content

    Cons: Upon cancellation, the system *subscribed* me to an unwanted $12 Mr. Skin Add-On!
    There is/was no email confirmation of the cancellation nor the new Mr. Skin subscription. In other words, had I not checked the "My Account" page, I wouldn't have known about the Mr. Skin subscription.
    Old Content - A video posted this week as *new* featured performers who quit the business 5+ years ago and never returned.
    Bad Links: Every "Contact Us" link I found resulted in a 404 error.

    Very, very bad experience.
  • Comment by: Zero - Score: 50/100 - Date: 6/15/2014
    The content is OK, but this site is the same as, just a different name.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/16/2014): Thanks for the comment, Zero. Actually, Payones is a copy of Videobox, not the other way around.
  • Comment by: Voodoo123 - Score: 75/100 - Date: 5/3/2014
    Pro: Tons of content, varieity to fit everyone's taste & good nsvigation
    Con: Updates are recycles, i.e., I subscribed, enjoyed for 2 months, cancelled & came back a year later. Content they said they updated in 2014 was old content. Video resolution is low (pre-2006)
  • Comment by: Bob - Score: 70/100 - Date: 3/15/2014
    I just signed up using their prepaid option. Don't know if it's widespread or not but I can barely download anything (I got lucky on a couple videos), I can only stream most videos. I've been a member before with no issues, just a warning don't use the prepaid option if you want to upgrade to other channels later.
  • Comment by: John - Score: 45/100 - Date: 2/26/2014
    The content of the site is amazing. The first week of my subscription was great. I had very good download speeds that averaged 900kbs or better and no issues at that time. But since that time my download speeds are unacceptable. I have a broadband speed of 25 MBS but am getting downloads at less than 200kbs now. I sent support an email but have not gotten a response from then. These slower download speeds make the site not worth while.
  • Comment by: Stevez - Score: 1/100 - Date: 2/20/2014
    Long time member but have canceled. Lots of content but lots of download problems too.
  • Comment by: SteveZ - Score: 90/100 - Date: 2/12/2014
    Loved the features especially movie cutter. Great search engine, good content, would like to see more archive stuff.
  • Comment by: RobMA - Score: 65/100 - Date: 12/26/2013
    I just joined Video Box for the sixth time over the course of about seven years, my last subscription ended in July of 2013. I have in the past really rated this site highly, and if this had been my first time joining this site, I would have done so again, just based on content. Yet for a returning customer, I was really focused on just the video's uploaded over the last six months, and much to surprise this time, I have found countless scene's where the links to download are broke. I am trying to DL MP4 files, so I wonder if WMV are working for these scenes? Just an example, Tanya Tate's Brit School Girls uploaded on November 22nd, I would have loved to have downloaded the entire movie, but while scene one was perfect, I could not DL scene two in either HD or just regular 264.

    Pro's: If you are a first timer, they are countless, especially the older content.

    Con's: Too many broken links for those of us who have joined numerous times and are looking specifically at certain content.
  • Comment by: Angry Guy - Score: 99/100 - Date: 12/25/2013
    I have to say this, Video Box is the only site I've ever gone back to. I've just done so for the third time. I've tried others but always come back to VB. The navigation is easy with several options, my favorite being the scrolling flow mode clip finder. There is one pre-checked add-on to be aware of. The prices are yearly stated and I've never had trouble canceling. Your account and favs even stay on the site after you cancel and are there when you go back.I signed up for 12 bucks a month with the "reviewer discount" and can't say I've ever found better bang for the buck than VB!
  • Comment by: Stevezzz111 - Score: 50/100 - Date: 12/24/2013
    A long time member. But not anymore. Many download problems lately. Slow download speeds on some days, scenes that will not download at all and some completed downloads that just will not play.
  • Comment by: Bill - Score: 90/100 - Date: 10/21/2013
    just signed up used in the past, but it rebills at the regular price ($12), and there's now a pre-checked cross sale on the sign up page.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:10/22/2013): Thanks for the head's up, Bill. We'll correct our review and find out more info on the cross-sale.
  • Comment by: Hopperix - Score: 85/100 - Date: 10/19/2013
    Lots and lots of content, you'll never be bored. Most are in good quality, and from all categories. Price is fantastic
    many of the videos cant be downloaded, many of the videos arent unique or exclusive.
    Great site, but there are a few better.
  • Comment by: venom - Score: 15/100 - Date: 10/3/2013
    This site work very bad.many videos can't be download,often the downloads are very slow and be interrumped suddenly.this site is shit
  • Comment by: buckwood - Score: N/A - Date: 8/29/2013
    Con- It's been over 2 weeks and I cannot log in. They reset my password for me, and that didn't work. Then they failed to respond to my requests for assistance for a week. I have tried to log in every day since I became active, with the same failed outcome. Then they sent me an email saying there were working on a bug in their system. That was 4 days nothing. Now I have written them for a refund, but I don't hold out much hope. As it stands, I am out $60. Classy.
  • Comment by: Porn Pimpin Player - Score: 90/100 - Date: 8/28/2013
    The negative comments have to stop. This site is the bomb for what it's worth. Above average D/L speeds and a decent library. Although there are TOO MANY old ass DVDs it is a great site for $12.00. There are tons of better sites on the net, but for $12.00 you can D/L 70GB or more of your favorite scenes and cancel before the month's end. A DVD from the local adult video store cost at least $9.99. Stop being a cheap ass and getcha porn on.
  • Comment by: way2funni - Score: 99/100 - Date: 8/14/2013
    The only site I've ever gone back to.

    PROS. Sheer volume. Almost every single star is here and if you collect their scenes you have to join just to fill in the things you have missed. There may be one or two stars who are not here because they were exclusive with one or two companies throughout their entire career (who have not struck a deal to sell their back catalog to the website ) but it's RARE to come up blank.

    Just a few examples:

    Alexis Texas? 105 scenes on basic. 186 with premium channels
    Sasha Grey? 66/114
    Asa Akira 72/129
    Tori Black 55/114
    Bree Olsen 41/47
    Jenna Haze 169/196
    Gianna Michaels 153/201
    Shyla Stylez 98/113
    Belladonna 89/208
    Jada File 182/260
    Kristina Rose 103/215

    And the list goes on. Sure, there are dupes. Other users are quick to point them out in the comments so you don't waste your time.

    Their search feature is fantastic.I suggest you sort through the 'niches' like I did. I started with 'Black' (girls) which has a total of 5,251 scenes (basic membership).

    Now I wanted to kick out some stuff. I added 'One on One' &a 'Interracial' (in this case because I previously selected 'black' , this means I was getting mostly black GIRLS with WHITE GUYS.

    Now add Anal and Big Boobs.

    So now I end up with a list of Black girls with big boobs taking it up the ass one on one with white guys doing the drilling.

    I ended up with 175 scenes with girls from Charlie Angel to Jada Fire getting their little asses railed by white cock.

    I could have gone further. Want to whittle it down to include creampies? POV? Squirting?

    You Can. And thats why I love VB.

    PS. You can find a lot of newer girls too. Riley Reid has only been in the biz since Summer 2010 and she has 5 scenes on the basic and 17 if you include the premium channels.

    I'm not trying to say it's Reality Kings or Brazzers who get a girl today and on Friday her 1st scene ever is online. I'm saying if she's been around long enough to have some buzz - she's here.

  • Comment by: RUFNKIDDING - Score: 90/100 - Date: 8/13/2013
    PRO: Lots of choice
    Con: Searches are difficult, content is varied but not very edgy.
    How many baby boomers on here are going to whine about how disgusting anal sex is to watch?!!!!. This is why a site is rated low. Really? So you can accept porn but only your type? Lesbians and anal are freaks. Hmm, back to playboy with you grand dad and even there Hef wouldn't support your judgement. Personal taste, fine. Just don't pretend like this is the only site with anal.
  • Comment by: Boatman - Score: 95/100 - Date: 7/18/2013
    It's true that the VB-3 front end is an absolute disaster on which even the basic search function doesn't work! If you join, just stay on the beta version. Don't forget that if you register with the Kink or RK channel, you'll need to go to the VB-3 site to access these scenes, but you can access the basic section, plus Vivid and Evil Angel through the beta version.

    Video Box is an amazing site to join. My advice is, join the basic channel PLUS the Vivid and Evil Angel channels - and you'll get all three of these for approximately $40 or £30 a month - well worth the money. The Kink channel is good but too expensive - I know because I joined it myself.

    The basic channel gives you thousands of movies, dating from the 1970s right up to the present day (especially check the films of studios like Anabolic, Diabolic, Pink Visual and Private).

    Vivid gives you fantastic porn parodies including Batman, Spider-man, Superman, Hulk, Star Wars, and Superman vs Spider-man. Unlike the official VIVID site, Video Box allows you to download all of these!

    Evil Angel gives you the incredible, mind-blowing work of directors like Jay Sin, in conjunction with amazing pornstars like Roxy Raye, Hotkinkyjo, Sheena Shaw etc.

    If you stick with the basic channel, PLUS Vivid and Evil Angel, I guarantee you, you will never need another porn site your whole life. Join for a month, and you'll be hooked!
  • Comment by: Incovide - Score: 95/100 - Date: 6/9/2013
    Great site. I signed for two month and downloaded 353 scenes (162 GB) matching exactly my niches. That is a really good deal !
  • Comment by: Matthew - Score: 95/100 - Date: 6/4/2013
    "Loving this site! The fact that I can watch it literally instantly on my TV with my cool Roku 3 (bought the newer one else where) is just amazing! The best feature they have is "Quick Play" a option where they have a random scene for you. It's just truly amazing. Who's ever idea was to put Videobox on Roku needs a promotion!"
  • Comment by: dave - Score: 25/100 - Date: 4/20/2013
    past comments are showing a trend. was good going downhill fast. recent additions are more and more interacial,lesbian orientated which is not my thing. outdated old movies slow servers etc. pro point it is cheap.
  • Comment by: Harker - Score: 95/100 - Date: 3/29/2013
    I don't get all the negative reviews. No other website offers as much content as videbox does. 4-5 new movies a day, when broke down to scenes can be more scenes than a start up site.

    I joined prolly 10 times in the last 7 years. I never felt like I wasted my money. There is a lot of boring porn, a lot of the good scenes are older, but the quality holds up.

    You won't see anything extreme, it's porn that you would find in a couples friendly adult shop.

    They have some great videos but they also have some bargain bin porn.

    I don't have an issue with the download speeds.

    The niches aren't over the top, a lot of sites cater to one type of porn and max it out.

    Most of it is watchable, but the bottom line is that you will have to go through several movies till you find one that is great. No matter what, your going to walk away with a lot of favorites downloaded. I would be hard press to the say the average person won't download 20 to even 50 scenes.

    I don't think any site out there can get a 100. It's kind of like the 1-10 scale when rating how women look. A ten to one guy could be big boobs and ass, where another person likes a smaller frame.

    Videobox is that woman with that classic look that no one can deny that it's pretty. It's over a 9.
  • Comment by: Spanky McMonkey - Score: 98/100 - Date: 3/9/2013
    Greatest site ever. Don't miss the optional upgrade to Vivid. Only drawback is no new material, but the sheer volume more than makes it up for that.
  • Comment by: waybec52 - Score: 75/100 - Date: 2/24/2013
    A good assortment of videos to choose from - even if some are non exclusive and somewhat old. I agree that download speeds are deliberately slow. And it's a bit annoying when titles skip numbers to not be issued as a full release of a particular series. Also there's no full HD as yet. Only half HD on selected titles! All in all though, a bit of exploration and navigation makes it impossible to download all the things that might titillate you in one month. And at a relative cheap price - I guess it's worth sticking with. purely by all the horny models, scenes and subjects you might accidentally come across. Worth a visit to find those better quality classic scenes you might have come across by other people's poor quality uploads on the internet.
  • Comment by: review - Score: 90/100 - Date: 2/21/2013
    Only been on site for 2 weeks but so far very happy with the amount and variety of films for the price. Where else can you stream and donwload scenes from close to 15k movies for $12 per month.

    I joined first on Roku as they offer a 1 week free trial with no credit card needed. {To get the channel added to your roku box need to search for "roku adult channels" on internet as not offered through the channel store on the roku box.)

    I find the navigation of the site to be excellent as you can easily search the site by niche, actress, and studio. Also, so far customer service has been prompt in responding to my emails.

    The downside of the site have been mentioned in earlier reviews: The downloads can be slow and with roku it is somwhat common for the movie to freeze during streaming. Also, a good portion of the movies are older; thus providing only average to good picture quality. Can only download scenes from movies, not a whole movie. The additional premium channels offered at $15 additional per channel do not appear to be a good value.

    Anyway, if you like a wide variety of porn that is easy to navigate with unlimited downloads at a very reasonable price, this site is for you.

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