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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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There's hardly anything more shameful than wasting a good thing. The star of this site, Stacey Stylez, is one hell of a looker. In fact, with her fair red hair, delicate blue eyes and finely cut lips, she somewhat resembles the star of Moulin Rouge. Unlike said star, Stacey appears far more ready to reveal herself in more provocative poses.

So what happened? How could a chance such as this one be blown? StaceyStylez is as hot as one of the leading actresses out of Hollywood, she's got wicked-ass moves and a willingness to get some good things going on. One could say it all begins with the movies.

There are only seven videos and all of them are too short. At best, these videos can be downloaded in good-quality Windows Media files, but there is some poor-quality content around. What you'll see is Stacey dancing in her underwear, fucking herself with a dildo and even doing a POV lapdance. Some of these videos were shot on a webcam.

It's weird how you have the option to download the videos in a Zip file, but the same can't be done with the 61 picture galleries (that included the 12 outtake sets). You can only download individual images. The pics look good. It also doesn't help things any when you notice that the pictures haven't been updated since 2006.

With so few movies and no more updates you'd figure some bonus sites are in order to even things out. You'd be wrong in assuming that though. If you want to check out any of Stacey's friends, it will cost you extra. How does that Metallica song go again? Oh yeah, "Sad But True!"

Stacey Stylez must have looked like a great idea at the time, but that time has passed. What is left here now is only a glimmer of hope. There really is no reason to plunk down perfectly good cash on this site when so many others offer more for less. And she's certainly asking for a lot of cash, because this site is on the expensive side.

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