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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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This site appeals to me on so many levels. For starters, I love hot chicks. Sleek bodies, firm tits and tight rumps are what make my day. As sexy as a chick may be, there is one thing that almost never fails to enhance her hotness - tattoos. Most of the chicks appearing on She Devil Dolls have some very fine ink work adorning their mouthwatering bodies.

Not all of the chicks on SheDevilDolls have tats covering their figures. Some of them are more about piercings, metallic-colored hair dyes and even dreadlocks. Whatever the preference, there is no denying that these babes are worth all the beer money you're willing to take to the bar with you. Some of you reading might think you're in for a biased review of this site, but as much as I don't want to take away from it, I'm afraid I have to.

First of all, there are no videos. Yes, a tear is streaking down my cheek as I write this. This site belongs to a network of other model sites, some of which feature videos. This fact makes it harder to accept that these divine creatures can't be seen moving about and showing us what they have with the art of motion.

Members shouldn't be disappointed by what they get in the 92 picture sets except for the fact that there is inconsistency in the quality. Only a few of the sets are high-res - a good majority fall just shy of that mark. Another detail to note is the focus. Even when they are high-res, the image isn't always properly adjusted, taking away from the sharpness. More ardent fans won't mind and will likely enjoy seeing these babes posing and showing what they have.

The 13 bonus sites you have full access to, including Allie Pierce, Felony Angel, Tiffany Mars, Evilyn Machine, Dakota Carson and Jaded Mercury. Another quality that makes these babes devilish or perhaps even evil (in the world of online smut, at least) is the fact that the tour page boasts regular updates. Well, it's been six months since we were last here and nothing new has been added. God only knows when they'll start again, but that's a cardinal sin in my book.

There are two ways I can go about things here. She Devil Dolls has top-notch babes, but no videos, no recent updates and considering that the membership is on the pricey side, that's a problem as well.

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