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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I remember when I was still in the closet and watching wrestling on TV. The rednecks in my small town claimed it was just good clean fun, but I knew better. Two half-naked men groping each other in the ring was definitely giving me a dirty pleasure. Now, thanks to Naked Kombat, I can relive those moments again, but this time around I won't be the only one cumming at the end of the match. The combatants also get off.

NakedKombat has 226 videos and they are high in quality. They come in several formats, including one that's meant for use with mobile devices. However, it's the HD MP4 and Windows Media downloads that will really blow you away. You can stream them in an embedded player as well.

The participants are super hot and often well hung. You won't see any of those old-style wrestler types who were more brawny and beefy than muscularly defined. These guys have toned biceps and thighs, but they also have slim waists with incredible abs.

There's nothing like seeing sinewy studs grappling each other in nothing but tiny shorts or jockstraps. Eventually, even the smallest stitch of clothing comes off for fully nude wrestling. The winner takes all and by "all" I mean the loser's ass. He gets to spank and fuck it, after making the loser suck him off a bit first.

Each scene comes with a set of crisp, high-res pics. You can download all 226 photo sets in a series of Zip files. Since each session lasts around 40 minutes, the accompanying photo shoots have been subdivided into rounds like a real wrestling competition.

I think my favorite combatant is Shane Erickson and even though they call him a blonde, I consider him a redhead. He loses his match (which takes place with water showering down on the ring) and ends up taking it up the butt. Besides that wet battle, there are also scenes with oil or mud.

A new match is posted every seven days. While there aren't any bonus sites, you can check out a network site that shows behind-the-scenes footage and photos from the production of this site and many others. There's also a live show every so often that lets you see the filming of one of these scenes and I included the six recorded performances in my video total.

There's a members' forum and many people also comment directly below each episode. The model index will show you other scenes from the same studs and may even give you some personal contact info. At any rate, Naked Kombat brings you some unforgettably sexy bouts.

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