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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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If you're a fan of bondage and you enjoy seeing hot babes being tickled, there's a pretty good chance that you'll be quite entertained by the Tickle Freaks website. In fact, the site might even leave you feeling tickled pink.

TickleFreaks is a softcore site on which you'll find videos that feature gal-on-gal tickling and male on female tickling. There aren't any photo galleries, but the high-quality of the vids and the exclusivity of the material help to make up for that.

There are 44 movies in which one or more chicks tickle a restrained hottie and 38 in which guys cause babes to convulse and giggle uncontrollably. Each of the flicks is downloadable and they all come in Windows Media and QuickTime format. Some of the films are also available as iPod compatible files.

The quality of the 82 movies is quite good overall and you'll be pleased to know that a number of the films offer excellent-quality playback. Most of them aren't all that long, but they still manage to be long enough to deliver some fine tickling excitement.

The various scenes on the site all depict beauties being tickled mercilessly while being restrained in some manner or another. In one of the vids that I watched, the Tickle Freak (a man dressed in a suit and a leather bunny mask) turns his attention to a woman sprawled out on a bed. He sits down beside her, removes her shoes and begins to tickle her feet which are shackled together. Soon thereafter, he begins to tickle her sides and she responds by screaming and giggling. Once satisfied with his work, the Tickle Freak gets up off the bed, adjusts his suit and walks off, leaving the babe where he found her.    

The website doesn't come with much in the way of extras or bonuses, but it does have a small section that contains little write-ups about the various performers that appear in the videos. These bios allow members to learn about whether the people prefer to be the ones tickling or the ones being tickled. They also gives members some background information about the performers.

As I said before, there's really good chance that you'll truly enjoy this website if you get off on tickling and bondage. The content never strays away from its main theme, much of the material looks sensational and a monthly membership fee is very affordable. These factors combine to make Tickle Freaks a site that's well worth exploring if you're a fan of the subject matter or just someone that's curious about it.

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