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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Deliver Male call itself a video-on-demand site, but it isn't really your typical VOD system, since you pay one monthly price to have unlimited access to all its movies. The only thing that makes it an on-demand experience is that you can't download any of the footage. You can only watch scenes streaming. That means that when your membership ends, so does your access to any of the content.

DeliverMale has almost 1,000 DVDs to watch. The titles are not split into clips, so you can only see full-length versions of each one. They come in Flash format with good-quality bit rates, but I would say that some parts of the playback might look less impressive on screen. You might see some blurriness at times.

I will say this about the vids - they start playing almost immediately after you click the play button. There is no long delay of having to wait for them to buffer before the streaming starts. You can also fast-forward and rewind through the footage.

There are no photos or even vid caps, which makes it a bit tricky to decide what scenes you want to see. You merely see the name of the movie, the studio that produced it and its release date. You may or may not see the stars in the video. Written descriptions are user-submitted, so they're blank in many cases.

You can browse the flicks by 18 categories. You can also look through the titles based on studio name, but I found that many companies listed didn't have any DVDs available. I also found that the search engine really didn't seem to work well either. In general, I would say that both design and navigation need some work.

Updates are supposed to be daily, but as far as I can tell this isn't the case. The last couple updates are close together, but there was a gap of a month before that. It might just be a design issue and maybe scenes are added more frequently, but I have no proof of that from what I can see on the site. There are also no bonus sites. Deliver Male is reasonably priced, but its streaming vids don't look as good as they should according to their playback stats.

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