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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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Having a sweet set of feet is a great attribute for any woman, but just like even the most delicious cake requires icing, it's always that much better to see some finely crafted footwear complimenting a sexy pair of tootsies. On Stiletto Girl, the name of the game is getting some foxy babes fitted in some pretty sleek-looking heels.

StilettoGirl not only went to the trouble of assembling a fine collection of footwear, but they also hired quite a mouthwatering cast of babes. European brunettes and blondes - some busty, some bootylicious - pose in a wide range of locations. You can check out all of the women in the model index. I wouldn't go as far to say this is the best-looking site I've ever seen, but the attractive foot apparel and models make up for it.

There are about 761 movies. Getting an exact count is a bit tricky because of the way they're posted and also because some of them are broken up into parts. The video archive houses flicks from July 2006 onward. The newer movies can be downloaded in a couple of formats, while you don't get choices when it comes to older ones.

The quality of the flicks varies, but there are many that offer great-quality playback. There are even a few that are HD. The footage of hot chicks prancing back and forth in their footwear is always very clear and should get the job done as far as fetishists are concerned.

The dozens of pictures found in the 1,041 photo galleries look good and give you close-ups of those sexy high-heels. You'll need to go through the model index to find them all. Only some of the galleries can be downloaded in Zip files. The majority of the females are dressed in office attire. From powder blue to shiny black and cream with pearl studs and bows, there's a lot of variety.

If you're really big on photos, then you'll have your hands full. So if that's a positive, good, because you don't get access to any bonus sites. New videos get added every few days and photos continue to be posted as well, though not as often.

Stiletto Girl is abundant in heels, to say the least. One detail that should be noted, however, is that there is no nudity on this site. You'll see some bras and lingerie, but no tits and no ass, just in case that is a factor. There are some things this site could work on, but as far as the stiletto fetish goes, it does a good job!

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Will

    Score: 30% Date: 01/27/2013

    I joined this site on the basis that it catered to a very specific genre of content. I was not disappointed with the content but the quality of content. If quality and customer service is important to you DO NO WASTE YOUR MONEY. After the first few hours i realized that this site is still in the 90s when it comes to video content. There is NO HD there are many DVD resolution files but the files have been upscale from a lower resolution. In addition the site does not respond to customer service requests. Extremely poor service and video quality. It looks like all the content was shot more than 15 years ago. Sorry but I wont recommend this to anyone

  • Comment by: StilettoFreak

    Score: 52% Date: 12/21/2010

    Joined this site because I've got a thing for babes wearing FM shoes. Content is above average,
    but technical problems are a pain. Have found out that I have to click the "refresh" button a lot when trying to view a video and have found a couple of places where if you click on the link, it will give you an error message ( "not found".). Also, site claims they post updates 4 times a week. HA !! They might have done that back in the past, but not now. New videos are only posted about every two weeks and it doesn't look like they post new photo sets four times a week either. Lastly, sent them an e-mail asking a question, and I never got a reply, so their customer service doesn't seem to be very good. I doubt I'll rejoin after my subscription runs out.

  • Comment by: Disappointed

    Score: 10% Date: 10/03/2010

    Given the high subscription cost, the quality of this site is awful. Almost no .zip files, so plenty of right-click -> Save target as... Or you can try using a download manager. Hah - good luck with that.

    Image quality is mediocre at best and more like something from 2000 rather than 2010.

    Worst of all, I have found that the site frequently refuses connections, so that clicking on an image link simply takes you to a blank page.

    There are much better sites around for the same or lower cost, so don't waste your money on something which would have been barely acceptable ten years ago.

  • Comment by: matsal

    Score: 5% Date: 07/10/2010

    If ur into high heels this show is great...but there is a limit to how many images u can download in queue. 9 for the great content but 5 for the annoying limit