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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

Some people just have it. In some cases that "it" is a flair for art, or a naturally ingrained talent for excelling at sports or succeeding in business. In the case of our lovely Angie, her site, Angelehsa, focuses on how well she knows her body and how best to pose, as well as how to decorate her delicate face.

Most of us lead busy lives and it appears that Angelehsa is mired by the same duties as another individual model in the same network, Alabama Slammer. Having to care for the little ones seems to take a serious bite out of Angie's free time, which really affects the amount of content she has on her site.

So far, she doesn't appear to have found any time to shoot movies, so for the time being you get zero video footage and there's nothing to indicate that there are any on the way. If some of the other sites in the network are anything to go by, don't hold your breath waiting for a sudden deluge of films.

The main bulk of the site are the 45 photo sets, but there isn't much variety to them. It looks like the site's star took pictures while wearing five different outfits and then used the resulting images to create her sets. None of the galleries flow into one another, so we're counting them as separate sets rather than ones that have been broken up into parts.

Each set comes with about 30 good-looking images, but there aren't any Zip downloads, so you'll have to save your faves one by one. None of the material is dated and it looks as though it's been quite some time since this ravishing redhead has posted anything new.

If you find yourself smitten by Angie and wish to explore her website, you'll at least get full access to 32 other sites from the Porn Nerd Network, some of which are also focused on individual models, like Sexxy Brandon, London Towers and Brooke Babylon. There are also bonus videos that cover a broad range of porn categories. Those of you who are into desktop wallpaper get nine selections.

This small collection won't keep you satisfied for long. Some of the other sites in the network are also pretty light on material, so relying on them is somewhat questionable. Angelehsa is a site featuring a sexy babe who could get interesting things done, but just doesn't seem to be making an effort.

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