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Dylan Taylor 

By: Dylan Taylor
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I Need A Bitch is one site that doesn't waste any time involving the viewer in its theme. By the time you get to the first video, you will already be fully immersed in it. It starts when you get to the homepage and are invited to "pay me" instead of the more typical "join" button. After this bit of financial humiliation is over with and your credit card is safely tucked away, you are then permitted to click on "losers only" and see what's in store for you.

Inside the members', er, losers' area of INeedABitch you'll find videos of sexy babes insulting your "little pee-wee," making you lick their dirty feet and telling you how they've been spending - and will continue to spend - all of your money. In one scene, a college hottie lets you know that she's too cool to be seen with a "loser like you" in public, but it's okay to masturbate as she insults you.

The "you" in question is unquestionably male and the performers in these scenes are clearly talking to guys. This is POV humiliation (as they describe it) and is aimed at a male audience. That doesn't mean the ladies might not enjoy putting themselves in the role of these Femdoms or maybe even imagining themselves as the subs.

While there isn't that much content to choose from at the moment, only 30 episodes so far, the site is new and looks to be updating weekly. It gives you access to bonus feeds, too, though they're not all in the same niche. There is no photo content. The videos that are available are average-quality Windows Mediadownloads that run on average 11 minutes each.

While neither the quality nor the quantity are altogether terrible, neither is any good either and will clearly make members want more, which actually seems appropriate on a site like this. The viewer is insulted by the graphics, denied pleasure, verbally lambasted by the sexy Dommes POV-style and then denied again by the fact that the content is minimal. Normally I can't recommend a site with this little content, but in this case I'll have to call it appropriate.

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